Friday, June 4, 2010


Timmy McFeral and Bailey seem to have become great pals. If Timbo isn't curled up in a box with one of his sisters, he's often with Bailey. Timmy has come such a long way since being rescued (along with his sisters, Annie and Gracie) on Halloween night last year. He's still very timid, and I never thought it would take so long for him to warm up to me, but he was actually following me around last night as I tucked all the furry ones into bed. I'm always thankful for any small positive step, so I'm thrilled when there appears to be a breakthrough with the feral kitties. None of the three likes to be touched and I can't hold any of them without a thick towel in hand, but Timmy is trusting me and not running when I walk toward him. That's such a difference from when he was just a scared, orphaned, feral kitten. He's growing into a very handsome cat.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh they are beautiful and good to hear that they are starting to trust..hope this will be more good things to come..;)have a great weekend.:)

michelle said...

how awesome kady .see your big hearted efforts are payin off.have a great weekend sweetie.god bless michelle


boy that timbo is one handsome kitty---so I do hope he gets friendlier and friendlier for you---it may take awhile yet---but I do see him curled up in your lap some day--one happy kitty!!!!
Have a great week end!!!
Hugs, to all, Di