Monday, June 14, 2010


Maybe I'm crazy, but I love Monday. I know not everybody loves that day, but I feel as if I'm on call all weekend - cat care, cooking, cleaning, laundry - none of that stops when a weekend comes my way. When Monday arrives, I feel more relaxed and ready to start a new project, finish an old one, or simply take a little time to catch up on email or reading.
My cats, on the otherhand, don't always seem to enjoy Mondays as much as I do.
I haven't finished my Sunday afternoon nap yet - it can't be Monday.
Go right ahead and won't bother me one bit.
I'll hold down the computer monitor for you.
Monday? Again? Already?
I don't wanna hear about how much you love Mondays.
It's Monday? Where did Friday, Saturday, and Sunday go?
Catnip...I need more catnip.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love them them..thanks for sharing.:)

Btrie said...

They are all so cute, but pic 2, oh my, so precious. They sure do make you smile. :o)


I love every one of them--but how do you get any work done?????
Hugs, Di

Cat Haven Crafts said...

Your moogies are so happy and healthly looking! You're a good mom!