Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I'd rather do just about anything but housework and often put it off as long as possible. Maybe that's because I've been at it for decades but have yet to figure out a way for it to stay done. Yesterday and today were work days to clean and sweep out the utility room and the little bathroom in there. I'd used the bathroom as a quarrantine area for feral cats I'd trapped and had spayed or neutered.
Though I'd always disinfected the floor in between cat visitors, I hadn't thoroughly cleaned the entire bathroom for quite some time. The utility room and bathroom are in the lower level (basement) of my home and it's more expedient to work on laundry then leave the room without dealing with the bathroom, the cat hair, the litter flicked out of cat boxes, or catnip toys hidden under the dryer. I always intend to go back and deal with those things, but I'm easily sidetracked, and "procrastination" is my middle name.
So why is it when I finally attempt a seemingly simple job, I find all sorts of other things that need my attention? It's no wonder I'd rather walk out of the room and dismiss the situation. I originally went into the utility room to move some plastic totes so the repair person could easily access the furnace/AC unit when he finally comes. It's not fun to have AC problems when the temperature is 90+ degrees, but it is what it is.
I moved the totes but could not ignore the cat hair I found behind them. I swept all that away, then remembered water had leaked in under the window during the last heavy rain and I hadn't pulled out the dryer to clean behind it since then. The area had dried but needed to be swept and mopped. When I moved the dryer, I found about 20 cat toys under it. I swept those out then noticed the shelves where I store clean cat towels and rugs needed to be dusted. I also realized the cat beds were full of cat hair, so I washed all of those, dried them, and on it went. I didn't get around to cleaning the bathroom until today, but it's finally done and looks much better. The cat beds and towels are clean. The utility room floor has been swept and mopped. The rugs I use for my cats have been cleaned and replaced in the kitty playroom. All is well in Cat World.....or will be until tomorrow. That's when we start all over again.


janjan said...

thats sounds just like me, except the cats.

I need to clean ceilings and the covings. So i look for the cleaning rags and notice the cupboard under the laundry sink needs a tidy out, while I'm in there I might as well do the big cupboard as well. Then I notice things are starting to pile up on the dryer, all things that need homes found. so I do that. Hours later I have one very tidy laundry and absolutely disgustingly mouldy ceilings, but if I don't look up its not going to bother me. Tomorrow I'm planning to clean the entrance area to get it ready for painting, who's knows what will end up getting cleaned.
I hate cleaning but it is a necessary evil.

Quilts and Cats said...

Housework always seems to have a domino effect. The one hour you designate to doing it ends up being 3 hours before you know it!
I have 5 cats, so the fur patrol is always working! But, it's worth it...Lynne

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh Kady you make me laugh...cause I know how these jobs "snowball" and "domino" and you start one project only to be led to doing another..glad you are all done..for at least today.:) hey when you find out how to keep the house clean for good..let me know..:)


Sounds like a cleaning kind of day all over the world--so you had lots of company--and that company will all have to redo it tomorrow toooo!!
Especially if there is husbands, kids or pets around or all three!!!
I cleaned my kitchen today--but haven't put the red rug in front of the sink yet--it's like--if I do -- I think it will give the kitchen the "idea" that it can get messy and dirty again!!!!!
Hugs, Di
By the way--thanks for a good chuckle!!