Wednesday, July 14, 2010


What a week this has been - and it's only Wednesday. Actually, the saga began last week. We'd known for quite a few weeks our air conditioning unit was not up to par. As the temperature was rising inside the house, I was getting crankier. The heat and I do not get along - no way, no how.
I knew a showdown was coming, but being the procrastinator I am, I kept putting off calling the repair people. Why, you ask? Because it's always an ordeal when I'm forced into a holding pattern waiting on the repair person as if my time isn't worth a plug nickel. This time wasn't different from any other.
I finally called a local company and was told a repair person would come and evaluate the problem. Our AC unit is only three years old and we had a bit of a problem last year. A leak was found and after a freon refill, we chose to limp through the summer months while pleading with the people who originally put in the AC to come and check it. They never came and we were remiss in not pursuing them.
This time we were not content with a quick fix. To put things in a nutshell, the repairman came last Wedneday, said we had a leak in the A-coil, would have to replace the whole coil, and didn't know if the warranty would be honored. He said he would definitely be back that week. So I stayed home and waited...and waited. I received no call and no visit. The weekend came and went. I finally received the call on Monday and was told the warranty might not be honored because the repairman couldn't find all the registration numbers on our unit. Great.
In the end, he found the numbers but they were in an unusual location. He spent most of the day replacing the leaking coil while my cats and dog were confined so the cats wouldn't be underfoot and dog wouldn't bite him. What a fun day. I put on some John Denver CDs and tried to be patient and calm.
We're back to "normal" now - whatever that is. I admit to being irritated at the delays and the lack of a courtesy call from the repair company, but I remain thankful for the privilege to live in a nice home and be able to afford air conditioning. We grew up without it and many people do without it still. All in all, I'm very blessed - and cooler.


Whimsey Creations said...

Oh thank heavens you're back to normal. Nothing worse than heat - I grew up in Florida without a/c and can't imagine how we did that back then! LOL Once our a/c broke in July while we were having a two week streak of over 100 degree weather. My husband has always been one to try cheaper first and cheaper just wasn't working LOL I was just to the point of going to a motel when they finally got it fixed LOLOLOL Glad you've cooled off!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

yeah sounds like our fridge ordeal..but am thankful like you for the modern conveniences we get...glad to hear you are cooler and calmer..:) I love stopping by and reading up on the how you word it should write a book..cause I would read it..;)

Cindy B said...

you are much more patient than me kady! glad things have cooled down...and hope they stay that way..or who knows , that coil could wind up around someones neck! ..LOL
You are sooo good! Cindy

basketsbyrose said...

So glad your AC is fixed, and up and running! After our second coil started to leak, we found out it was from sulfur in the air coming from out well water. We had to cap the old well lines and so far so good.


Hi dear Kady--wondered what was up????
Glad to know that things have "cooled" off at your house!!!!
And I know those Kitties are now happy camper and the pup!!!
so now what are you gonna do????
some of us are in need of a "kitty" fix--pictures stories!!!!
Hugs, Di

Carol/Firecrackerkid said...

Oh boy, we gotta have our ac that's for sure. LOL. So glad you got yours repaired after all that. Yes, thank the Lord for our comforts of home.