Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I'm a sucker for handwoven baskets, interesting glass jars, and colorful tins. Most probably, I have more than I'll ever need, but I can't seem to resist buying them when I find them at thrift stores. Lately, I buy only those I'll actually use and I'm trying to remember to let something else go when I bring more treasures into the house. These are my latest "finds" - $12 total.
I'll use these jars to organize sewing notions, cookie cutters, and buttons.
The baskets are signed and dated by the weavers. I don't think I've ever seen another handwoven cradle basket. I'm planning to display my ornament cats in that one. The round basket now holds small pieces of wool fabric and the smaller one is going to hold a fabric kitty.
I love these tins. The blue one is from See's Candy and will be added to my other Easter decorations. The tin with the colorful hearts is going to be my thread keeper and I'll store ornaments in the other two.


Violet said...

Really nice! My favorite jar is the square on with the black lid.

PatC - All is Bright said...

We are just alike! I love to collect baskets and tin. I also use my tins for storing needles, threads, bobbins etc. And I love to use my baskets for fat quarter fabrics and wool pieces. Love your collection.



Oh what pretty treasures you have found--and I love the fact that you already have uses for them---so they are already at home!!!!
I love baskets too--also used to have a big tin collection but only have a couple now--and I also have glass jars everywhere filled with goodies!!!(no candy!!)
Hugs, Di

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I used to collect tins but not anymore. I used to have tons of baskets. I only collect certain ones now. Now I love glass jars.
I think all of yours are very interesting. Love the cradle. I've never seen one like it either.

Cat Haven Crafts said...

Love all your finds but the woven cradle is adorable!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Wonderful treasures. Thank you for sharing. Carolyn