Monday, November 29, 2010


Today I received a call from the vet check coordinator at the SICSA pet adoption center. She said since Tucker was so tiny when I first took him to see their vet, he needs to have a third vaccination injection instead of the usual two, which he's already been given. This next one is actually a booster to make sure his immune system continues to build up the the antibodies needed to keep him free from disease. I have an appointment to take him to the center tomorow afternoon and I'll be able to bring him back home with me after the injection is given. Poor little guy - it's one more thing he has to endure. He's such a good kitten though. He never seems upset when we see the vet. He rides well in his carrier and usually purrs the whole time we're waiting. What a sweetie.


Victoria said...

Tucker will be so excited to be back in your home!!! ~~Sounds like he should stay with you!!!!

Cat Haven Crafts said...

It sounds like you have an excellent vet and that Tucker likes adventuring with you! I know its very selfish of me ... but I really hope Tucker finds a home with you! And I think that you should make a Tucker calender for 2011 (I need one for my office and I would buy one!!!!)... he makes such a cute "centerfold"!!!!!! I love this current picture also ... its like looking into the eyes of a very old and very, very loving soul!

Michelle said...

What a brave little guy! I wish I could have him! He has some great markings. I am sure that some great family will see him and want him soon!