Tuesday, November 16, 2010



Tucker is growing so fast. If he wasn't thriving I'd be worried, but it means the time is close for him to become somebody else's kitten. Some have asked if I'm going to keep him since it looks as if we'll be able to have our cat barn soon. I wish I could say he was going to stay with me, but I have so many kitties to care for now that I've had to draw some boundary lines. I've given Tucker what I can and I hope he'll be a wonderful pet for someone. I would keep him without a second thought if I hadn't already brought in so many others that needed help. I don't for one minute regret that I found him.
I still have the three feral kitties that were left as orphans when my nasty neighbor put out poison last October. I don't want to revisit that time, but those kittens needed help and they'll not ever be adoptable. Left on their own, they might have met the same fate as their mama and I couldn't let that happen. Timmy has shown signs of trusting me but Gracie and Annie are still very skittish. They'll be with me the rest of their days.
Then there's Dixie, the sad kitty it took me nearly a year to trap. She had litter after litter but no one could ever find her kittens. Then one cold rainy day she delivered five babies on my front lawn. Despite all my efforts, none of them survived. I was finally able to trap Dixie and have her spayed, but she still has some challenges. She'll also always be with me.
I most recently took in Maggie and Mikey - the mom and son who eluded capture for nearly a year, as had Dixie. Maggie had delivered at least two litters I knew about, but out of eight kittens, only Mikey survived. Maggie now allows me to pet her and I can hold her for short periods of time. Mikey allows petting when he's eating (and distracted). They are works in progress.
I also have cats that were rescued before all the ones I just listed, so I truly need to set some limits here. The more cats I keep, the fewer I can take in or help on a temporary basis. Since Tucker is young, healthy, and socialized, he has the best chance at being adopted. Though it will break my heart when he leaves, it seems the right thing to do - for him and for me. He has an appointment with the SICSA adoption center vet this afternoon. He'll be given his booster vaccination and the vet will decide if he's mature enough to be neutered. If he's neutered this week, he'll be up for adoption on Saturday. I don't really know what to wish for....


Laura said...

I understand you, but I really hope you can keep Tucker with you...he's so cute!

Cat Haven Crafts said...

I understand, too. But Tucker seems made for you. I wish I lived closer and had room for him. I would snatch him up in a second. I love the toys in a row that is one very smart boy!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

he is just adorable..and I feel for you to be in this situation..but I know you have others out there that need good homes and to be "found"..give that sweet boy lots of love for me.;)

Karen said...

Kady, you've done a wonderful job with all your kitties and it's nice to know that you are keeping the ones that need you most. I have fallen in love with all of them. Tucker has done so well and looks like he will adjust to a new home, so it's understandable that you have to at least try to adopt him out. I will miss him very much, as of course, will you.
The world is a better place because you're here.

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Do you think you could talk the new owner into starting a blog for Tucker updates? He does have a huge following here and we'd all love to keep up with his antics.
My heart goes out to you. I know you have your limits and finding a home for a healthy, spunky boy like Tucker will be relatively easy; whereas, finding homes for almost feral, flawed adult cats is near impossible. Unfortunately, you will be called upon over and over again to rescue other felines in need, maybe even distress. It is a sad lot of people out there that continue to abuse and neglect animals ( as well as children!). You are their hero and we wouldn't want it any other way. I guess, that makes you my hero, too. :)


You wish for God's will in Tucker's life--God knows who Tucker's new parent(s) are and he has hand picked them knowing how much work you have done with this little guy--so he will do right by you and Tucker--and he will give you the strength to let him go--for now!!! Bless you, Kady!
Hugs, Di and kitty love from Gracie