Friday, January 21, 2011


1) Wicker basket filled with vintage tin cookie cutters
2) Gingerbread teapot - will match gingerbread cups and saucers
3) Valentine tin with handles
4) Mary Engelbreit-style chair pin cushion
5) Handmade button bag - all buttons were sewn on by hand

On the way home from receiving allergy shots this week, I stopped to browse at a thrift shop. It really was right on the way. It's on the same road I have to travel and it's actually IN my town. That can be dangerous at times.
I'm trying to be diligent about giving away things I no longer use so I won't feel guilty about bringing home a few treasures now and then. This was a good week for thrifting. I was happy to find three wicker cat beds which I've already washed and presented to the cats, who love them. One can never have too many cat beds for a tribe of felines.
Sometimes I wonder why people throw out or give away such nice things, but I guess if the items are not being used, that's the best thing to do. I probably need to do more of that myself.


nancy huggins said... did good..I wish there was some kind of thrift store near me..I do miss going and finding neat things and wondering why someone would give them away. I got rid of a ton of my stuff in the last 2 moves we made.
Maybe I should go to Chicago and visit my DD again..found a really neat thrift store by her.
Hop on over to my blog and sign upi for my give away. I would love it if you could blog about it too.
I would not be able to stop at a thrift store if I lived close to is an addiction I think :)


Glad you found some neat and new to you treasures!! I am wanting to go treasure hunting so bad--but all of ours are about 30 miles away--except the pet thrift store--and there prices are high--have the fun of treasure shopping is buying things for less than what they are worth -- not twice as much!!!
Hugs,di and a sleeping miss gracie

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

looks like you found some sweet treasures. I love that tin! I can see a little girl playing with that. And I love playing tea party with my granddaughters.
It is so cold here. Some hot tea would be awesome right now.
I love my Goodwill store and I can't see me ever giving it up!

Victoria said...

thrift stores can most definitely be addicting!!! and we have so many here in our area~it's hard for me to not stop at one, whenever I go out!

Your treasures are great!
I would have picked up that cute little pincushion and button bag, too! And probably that little red tin, and For Sure, I'd have grabbed those vintage cookie cutters! ...since my daughters both collect ginger's I'd probably have grabbed that as well! Good thing we aren't in the same town!!!
Sidenote: I just noticed 2 little babies {long-haired kittens}under my shed! They're probably around 3 months old... I'm looking forward to catching and snuggling them, although, they'll probably never let me catch them! Maybe in photos....