Saturday, January 8, 2011


I just spent over an hour in the cat area not only doing the regular cat care, but also cleaning up a paper towel disaster. I have to accept the blame for the whole thing. I don't like accepting blame when I can find somebody else to pin it on, but this was due to my negligence, stupidty, inattentiveness, or just plain CRS (can't remember stuff). Earlier in the day, I'd left a whole roll of paper towels sitting on the dryer in the utility room. The cats were only doing what came naturally to them when they unfurled the towels and scattered them all over the place.
As I walked into their area, I found cats lounging on some of the paper towels, as if they'd pulled off what they needed to make snug little nests for themselves. I also found torn towels, shredded towels, and towels that were begging to be rescued from the clutches of those furry paws. There on the utility room floor lay the empty paper towel roll. The left no towel untouched. At least the cats seemed to have had fun doing their dastardly deeds.
Picking up paper towels wouldn't have been such a big deal had the towels not found their way into water bowls and litter boxes. I could swear my furry ones were snickering as some of them sat and watched me clean up the mess. They do the very same thing when I scoop out their boxes. Then one by one they jump into the refreshed litter and leave me all sort of presents. I think they truly like making more work for me.
I'm not upset with the cats. Actually, I laughed at their antics. After all, it's just a roll of paper towels and I have more, but those are in a very safe place.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love the photos..our little pody lynn loves to unravel the toilet paper when sitting on dads lap when he's on the pot...that and knock off his magazine..she wants your undivided attention..:)also love it when they hop inside your jammy bottoms when you are sitting on the pot and they look up at you and purr as they get comfortable..I have had to climb out of them a time or two so I didn't disturb them.;)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your post Kady, but hey! what's a cat to do ? LOL, when there is so much temptation......I also laughed at your first comment (cat nap inn prim..) yes it is funny how the animals love to follow you even in to the smallest room in the house...gotta love 'em.....Merilyn


Hi--you worried me for a minute--thought you had found another "kitten" to care for!!!
once I got over that "shock" I admit I did chuckle at your post!!!!!!
My girl friend dropped off two bags of kitty litter the other day--it was in a bag and out of the way--so I did not worry about it--came time to go to bed and once I was in bed==Gracie had a fit--and kept going to the bag and rattling the paper--I finally realized what "she" wanted--me to put it away--she knew where it goes--once I pulled it out of the bag and put it in the closet--she just walked away--a happy camper--smarty pants!!!
now if she would just take these darn Pills!!!!!