Thursday, February 10, 2011


I'm glad this day is done, but since my mother taught me to never wish my days away, maybe I should re-phrase that and say I'm relieved, rather than glad. I was worried about how Dixie was going to tolerate being groomed today. I used a new tactic this morning in order to place her in the carrier for the trip to the groomer. I knew if she saw a towel coming her way, she'd bolt, so I readied the cat carrier then petted Dixie as she snuggled in her favorite bed. As she began to purr, I reached around her head and latched onto her scruff. Then I lifted her to the height of the carrier and slipped her into it before she knew what had happened. Dixie was in the carrier and on her way to the groomer in a matter of minutes and no human was harmed in the process. Thank you Keri for sharing that tip.
When I walked into the groomer's place of business, there were three dogs receiving baths and one puppy being trimmed. Two shop cats roamed freely and both greeted Dixie. She didn't seem to mind. She didn't even seem upset with the noise of the dryers. The groomer gently took Dixie out of the carrier and softly talked to her. I stayed for awhile to assure myself things would go smoothly and when I saw how calm Dixie was, I left to do some errands. When I returned, Dixie was back in the carrier looking relaxed, rather than stressed, even though the groomer had shaved some fur from her hind quarters.
When we arrived home, I attempted to take some photos before Dixie exited the carrier, but wouldn't you know camera batteries died. She was out of the carrier and checking out the food bowls before I could insert new batteries. The only successful photo showed Dixie tucking her head away from the camera. I'll post pictures as her fur grows out and she becomes more sure of herself. She didn't hide when she exited the carrier. She ate, used the litter box, allowed a few of the other cats to sniff her, then jumped up to the window sill to watch birds.
I was told Dixie licked the groomer's hand and rolled over to allow her tummy fur to be groomed. This little gal has come a long way. I think she's learning that not everybody is out to harm her. The groomer said Dixie was a sweet little soul. I knew that all along.


nancy huggins said...

That is so sweet for her to be so happy and doesn't it make you feel better knowing she will have a good life now in her new forever home..she looks very sweet. My 2 cats (ferrill) do not like anyone touching them and will only let you pet them on their terms and when they feel like it

Merilyn said...

What a big day for Miss Dixie! I'm really glad things went well, and I'm sure she feels a lot better too, like all us girls do after a bit of pampering!!!
I bet you will both sleep well after this little success!!!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh Kady that is wonderful news about Dixie..glad to hear she is doing so well and has a new haircut and looking good.;)

Whimsey Creations said...

What a sweetie Dixie is! I keep forgetting to email you and let you know that I've been able to pet Kitty Boy (which I've been calling him since I found out he was a him - Blondie just didn't seem right LOL). I can only pet him when he's engrossed in eating his canned food. But I've stroked his back and scratched the side of his face and his head. Admittedly I'm taking it show and not doing it for too long. But it seems like a big victory to me!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

What a relief for you----and Dixie! I'm sure she feels pretty.
Apparently, she has been around other cats and pets. Sounds like she will make someone a great pet. I wish I could have a cat.....Darned dogs. Oh, well, I will read about you, Carmen and Gina and your cats. *sigh*

Keri said...

I'm so glad it worked for you Kady! Miss Dixie is very well loved and cared for and I think she knows it. Must be she just didn't like that towel. ;0) Otis seemed even more scared when I came toward him with a towel the other night too. I guess using the method their own mothers used on them as kittens is sometimes the best...and necessary. ;0)