Monday, August 1, 2011



I'm taking a little break today. A repair team is there installing a "fix" (mitigation) to a minor radon problem in the cellar. When we had the house inpected before closing the deal, it was found to have a higher than normal radon level. The living area was just a tad higher than it should have been, but the cellar was twice the suggested safe level. The former owner took full responsibility for the problem, negotiated the repair fee, and left a check to cover the entire procedure. We're very thankful to her for doing that. The team is going to be at the house ALL day. I thought I'd need to be present the whole time, but they come highly recommended and seem like very decent people. They are also husband and wife, which is unusual, but pretty neat. The wife, Amy, and I instantly bonded. She said she decorates her home with primitives and loves the built-in shelves. I invited her to see the whole house since she'd only been in one part of it when the former owner was in residence. Amy and I were soon going from room to room talking about color schemes and decor. I think I'll take her shopping with me next time I go, and leave Glenn home.

The first question asked this morning was, "Did you know some critters have been getting into your crawl space?". Of course I didn't know that. I don't visit the cellar and haven't looked into the crawl space since the intital tours of the house. Some big corn-eating raccoons have been using the space as their sleeping quarters and bathroom. Wonderful. There was evidence mice had been there too. The radon repair man, Stacy, also found a huge "rat enticement device", as he called it, but I guess all of that goes along with living in the country. None of it was upstairs and there was no evidence of any creature, furry or otherwise, having been in the living areas. The repairman cleaned out the crawl space and he asked if I wanted to see the evidence. I declined, telling him I'd take his word for it. We pulled out trash bags and threw the critter calling cards and "enticements" into the trash. Even if there are critters visiting the crawl space, I won't put out poison. I don't want them in the house, of course, but they're just trying to survive and no animal deserves a slow painful end. I asked what we might do to keep the critters at bay and was told the best thing would be to close up the outside entry to the crawl space. I had no idea there was any sort of open spot tempting critters to come inside and stay a spell. There were raccoon paw prints on an outside crawl space panel so we knew exactly how they entered and we found the window latch is broken so we'll repair that and be able to keep them out of there. I hope I don't find any bats in the belfry. Just kidding...the upstairs is just fine.


Margaret said...

You are a good hearted soul! I could never put poison out either if I were you. They are just trying to find food and shelter. As long as they take the hint and leave before too much damage sets in! Even rats and mice are God's creatures! Sounds like a nice new friend you made too. A new shopping buddy!

Raggedy Creations said...

Oh but Kady the raccoons are sooooo cute.


Merilyn said...

My goodness! what an adventure, didn't know you had boarders did you LOL!!! Poor little things, I'm glad you are not putting poison out, better if they find alternative accommodation, (maybe the barn?)!!! Having never seen a raccoon I can't imagine what they are like, but they do look awful cute!!!! Rats on the other hand well, definitely seen those! not my favourite critter, better that they too find alternative digs!!!!
I'll have to google the radon thing, don't know what that's about! I hope you have no further critter adventures!!!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

glad you figured out the "free rent" problem and hopefully its an easy fix..;) glad to hear you found a new "prim friend" to go shopping with..;)

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Oh, my! House guests? I think it's noble to want to get them to leave safely, but they can do a lot of damage to your home. We had a fox and her kits in our basement and they left rather quickly. Mice? Maybe you should invite a big snake over to munch on them!? JK