Monday, September 12, 2011



Glenn has been working diligently on the kitchen flooring in our new old house. There was a little setback on Saturday night though. He attempted to pull out the dishwasher to make sure it would clear the wood floor plank he was about to install and whoosh!....a water pipe broke. I wasn't present during that adventure, but when I arrived back here from my trip to the grocery store (an adventure in itself) I found a note on the door. Glenn had returned to issue a distress call to our son-in-law, Doug, who is also our plumber and all-round handyman. It never fails. When we have one complication, we have a few more before everything is resolved. The batteries in Glenn's cell phone were dead so he'd driven all the way back here to make his call. We never ever do anything the easy way.

To his credit, Glenn, with a lot of help from Doug, had the mess all cleaned up and the broken pipe situation under control by the time I arrived back at the farm, but I couldn't help asking what in the world had happened. Both men downplayed the whole incident and I didn't pursue it any further. I was relieved Glenn actually called for backup, since he doesn't like to ask anyone for help. He'll ask me to help him, but I wasn't there when the pipe broke. (What a shame.) Doug said when he received the call, he knew it was something fairly serious because he knows Glenn only calls for help if it's truly needed. We were thankful Doug was available and willing to be there for us - again. If we should happen to survive this move, we'll be stronger for having done so, right?


annie said...

Oh the messes, fixing something makes! So sorry you had the pipe problem, am glad your husband had the help to get it quickly under control. Hopefully, you both will get to laugh over all the difficulties this winter when you are snug in your new home! Hoping this week goes smoothly for you two!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

sounds like you should have been there for the comedy it must have been. Oh, to be a fly on the wall......
Glad Doug could help. Mike is just like Glenn---never asks for help but sure does raise cain while he's doing it!
Looks and sounds like everything is coming together!
Warmest blessings, my friend,

Merilyn said...

Probably just as well it all happened while you were out LOL! too much stress! Everything seems to be coming along nicely!!!