Monday, October 17, 2011



My heart is broken today. A short while ago I found Cody, one of my sweet little furries lying lifeless on the floor. He was at the base of a tall set of shelves he loved to climb so I'm guessing he jumped or fell and possibly hit his head on the way down. He hadn't been sick and there was nothing to indicate he'd been injured. He had climbed those shelves hundreds of times. Last night he jumped on my back (his usual trick) as I was scooping litter boxes, so he was feeling fine at that time. I'll never know for sure what happened. I only know I can't stop thinking if he'd been in his new home at the farm, this wouldn't have happened. The new cat area isn't ready yet and neither is the enclosure. That has been very frustrating for me. Apparently, the job of readying the cat area was moved to the lowest position on the priority list, but not by my choice. Lamenting what might have been or should have been will not bring back my little Cody. I do have other cats but Cody was one of a kind. Each one is special in his own way. I dearly loved Cody and will miss him greatly. Rest peacefully little one.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh Kady my heart is breaking for you..I am so sorry to hear about your sweet little Cody..I truly am..not knowing is the hardest part..I wish there was something I could say or do to help ease your will be in my thoughts and prayers today..


I am so sorry to hear about Cody. I lost a cat like that, he jumped and hit his head and died almost instantly. He is in kitty heaven now!

Carol said...

Aww Kady, I'm so sorry sweetie. I'll miss Cody too. You have a lot of good memories with Cody and now he's jumping all over the place, and will never get hurt again.

Michelle said...

I am so sorry to hear this. He is runny and jumping all over kitty heaven right now and loving it.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Oh Kady, I'm sorry to hear about Cody, it's always so sad/hard to lose our beloved pets. I hope your broken heart heals fast.

Merilyn said...

Oh Kady! I am so sorry to hear about your little Cody... What a heartbreaking discovery, I really feel for you, it makes me think of all the cats I've known and who are no longer here. I am truly sorry this has happened, poor little thing, I hope his end was mercifully quick and that he didn't suffer.
I don't want to break your heart any more than necessary but I would like to share a poem with you I have had for many years! It is about a 'she cat', so I will change the gender.

My best friend
died last summer -
that lovable little character
who wore his own fur coat -
He was my confidante,
my comfort
and my clown -
he was my warmth,
my welcome home -
We buried him near wild mint & thyme -
I wept for him all winter,
then in early Spring
white daisies
made a garland for his grave
where passing birds and butterflies
call in to visit nature's shrine -
Who knows
what happens to us when we die -
I like to think
his spirit's running free,
perhaps to grace a person
in some other life -
what a wonderful human being
that would be...

1991-4 'The Thoughts of Nanushka'
Nan Witcomb

Heartfelt Regards....

Whimsey Creations said...

Kady, I'm so sorry. I know you love all of your kitties so much and are such a good kitty momma. Try to let go of the what ifs - they will just make you sad. Big hugs to you!

Cat Haven Crafts said...

Kady, I am so, so very sorry to hear about Cody. My heart breaks for you and I shedding a few tears too. God bless and rest in peace little one.

GailinVirginia said...

I am so sorry this happened, oh dear; love does hurt. Sending you warm thoughts and hugs,


nancy huggins said...

I am sooo sorry for your loss of your sweet little kitty. It is always hard when they are gone so suddenly and we have the what if's. I am sure he didn't suffer and he is in Kitty Heaven. Time heals but you still never forget a fur baby.

rockriverstitches said...

Kady, I am so sorry for your loss of sweet Cody. I'm getting a little teary eyed here. My heart always breaks for others when they lose a fur baby. My heart goes out to you.


The Crows Corner said...

I am new vto your blog but my heart breaks for you today at your loss. You will see each other again at rainbow bridge. My thought and prayer are with you.