Sunday, October 23, 2011





Actually, I do talk to animals - all the time. Today I talked to cows and goats. This morning I was on my way here to feed and care for the cats and saw the neighbor's cows grazing and feeding their calves. They often wander over to the fence when I slow down to talk to them and I often wonder what they're thinking. I imagine it's something like, "Who does she think she is, the cow whisperer?" I took a few photos of the cows this morning and then saw another neighbor's goats out frolicking in the field. They're so cute when they jump and chase each other. I'm truly loving this country living.

I talk to the cats every day too. Tonight I was doing cat care and Casey, Cody's brother, jumped on my back and lay down while I leaned over to clean litter boxes. In the five years he and Cody lived with me, Casey had never done that. He actually did it twice tonight. Each time he lay on my back, he wrapped his paws around my neck and nuzzled my hair. I don't know if he was picking up where Cody left off, whether he felt needy, or simply decided it was his turn since Cody is gone. Whatever the reason, I liked it and told him he could do that anytime he felt like it.


Michelle said...

So very sweet. Cats are very smart and he knows. He watched him and he knows that you loved it when Cody did that. Makes me smile.


nancy huggins said...

I also talk to my animals and wonder if they really understand me and what they are thinking...I just wish they would listen to me when I tell them to stay in the yard...would sure make my life easier and maybe their's too. I do believe though that animals understand a lot more than we think and they also know if a human likes them. I know my Dogs are good at knowing who is a nice person because they love our Landlord and they really didn't like the guy that came to hook up our T V...They always know. I think it sounds to me like you have a happy kitty and he may just be trying to let you know he is there even though your other kitty is gone. Pets (especially cats and dogs) are the most Loyal things there are and I Love mine and am glad to have them in my life :)

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Makes you think that they are sensitive as we believe and that he is trying to communicate with you. Maybe he can relate to how you feel and he knows it is good to share your feelings......
Warm autumn blessings, my friend,

Merilyn said...

What do you mean if? LOL!!!! I always talk to my little critters and they know exactly what I'm saying too LOL!!!! Fancy Casey doing the same thing that Cody did!! How amazing is that! He has obviously been watching closely all this time, now he can take over doing the back-hugs! How sweet is that!!!!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I too love to moo at the cows when we drive by a farm..they always look..makes me think of a funny cartoon from the farside..;) I love snuggles from our kittys too..and Stewie gets on my back when I am cleaning the litter box too.;)have a great tuesday.)

Firecracker Kid said...

Aww, Casey misses you. Those goats gotta frolic around to get warmed up in the cold mornings.