Thursday, December 15, 2011



Some days I spend more time fussing with details than paying attention to the "whole picture". I guess that's the curse of being a detail-oriented person. Maybe I became that kind of person when I was in nursing school. We were taught to leave no task undone and no detail unrecorded in patients' charts. Actually, that was drilled into us. While that's a good and necessary thing in nursing, it causes me grief in my private life. I'm working on the house to have it  company-ready for the holidays and one would think I'd be concerned about unpacking the rest of my moving boxes or cleaning floors and dusting shelves. Those things are important to me but I haven't been working on floors or shelves as much as tweaking insignificant details of the display in the Hoosier cabinet. I'm not sure why that matters so much to me, but it does. Arranging the gingerbread items is fun and gives me joy. At least that's how I justify spending so much time doing it. I'm finally finished with it (I think) and I'm going to move on to the next thing over which I can obsess. Note the beautiful rag rug heart on the floor in front of the Hoosier. My dear friend Deanna gave that to me as one of my "countdown to Christmas" presents. We do this gift exchange almost every year and it's so much fun. How did she know I needed a rug for that very spot? Merry Tweaking!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh I love your hoosier and all those gingers..they are becoming my favorite things this year too.:) have fun tweaking..I too love tweaking makes me enjoy to your hearts content.;)

Firecracker Kid said...

Beautiful Christmas hoosier! I tweak too, I must admit. Don't grieve about it Kady, just go with it :o)
Merry Christmas!

Loretta said...

Hi Kady, I'm searching the blogs today and found you on google search. I have to tell you, I love your decor`...Your hoosier cab is fabulous!
I've always had a soft spot for them...Thank you for sharing your beautiful treasures. Oh, I'm your new follower and I invite you to stop by to visit and follow/join us too...I'd love having you a part of our blog family...Have a wonderful evening!
Warmest Regards,

Merilyn said...

Oh yes! how I know what finicky people nurses can be LOL!!! How do I know....LOL!!! Indeed it was drummed into us....
In any case Kady, your Hoosier is a credit to you, I love how you have decorated it, you have a good eye for detail!!! I'm sure your visitors during the holiday season will appreciate your efforts and feel right at home!!!
I wish you and yours a wonderful relaxing Christmas season after all the hard work you have put into getting your new old home ready, it's been quite a haul, but almost done, hopefully you will get a chance to put your feet up and enjoy it!!!!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

All your tweaking Kady turned out Beautifully!!!
All you Christmas decor looks great!
Have a Very Merry Christmas with Family and Friends!!!
Prim Blessings

Marie said...

Thanks for sharing your decorations! They are beautiful. I love seeing how others decorate. I want to wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year.

Angie Berry said...

... everywhere a tweak, tweak, haha couldn't resist that. I think it looks wonderful Kady! I just love all your gingers, they are adorable! Yeah, I'm an obsessor too so I know what you mean. =]