Friday, December 2, 2011


Well, he's back. Socks (aka Smokey Joe) has returned "home", though he doesn't appear to be very happy about it. He's truly a  sweet boy most of the time, but he showed an aggressive streak toward Sara, his new sister. Despite all Rita's attempts to allow the cats to co-habitate and adjust to each other, Socks, who was re-named Baxter, guarded the food bowls and litter boxes and did not allow Sara near them. As one would imagine, that caused Sara much distress. He also chased his new sis around the house and she was too terrorized to box his little ears for him, so she spent some time hiding under the bed - not a good start at all. As if that wasn't enough, Baxter marked Rita's bed as his territory and left her some smelly presents. If someone had predicted he would have acted out in that manner, I wouldn't have believed it. He's still a sweet lovable boy and purrs when he's held. I haven't seen one ounce of aggression from him and he hasn't had any "accidents" or marked territory as far as I can tell. He's also been fine with the other cats. In fact, yesterday I witnessed Bailey and him playing in the floor and neither was acting aggressively.They finished playing and parted as friends. I have some alpha males and one alpha female who wouldn't put up with any guff from Baxter if he acted out here as he did at Rita's house. When I took him back into the cat room, the cats smelled him, then walked away. Baxter exited the cat carrier and lay down on the floor in the midst of the tribe. I can't tell any difference in him from when he left here. He has re-adjusted and seems fine. I wonder if he thought he was simply on vacation for a little while. I surely hope Sara has recovered well from her visitor's intrusion.


Snowgirl said...

Hi there, I am relatively new to blog land and I am having a blast meeting new people here. I just signed up to follow your blog. If you'd like to stop my mine it is

I too hope that poor Sara has recovered and that Rita was able to sleep in her bed again. :)

Have a great weekend. Take care, Janet W

Merilyn said...

Oh! my goodness Kady! Poor old Socks! He just wasn't happy there and I imagine Sara was pleased to see the back of him LOL!!!! Looks as though he may need to be an 'only' cat or stay with you and his more 'senior' peers LOL!!!! At least he'll have a lovely Christmas with you guys......