Thursday, January 12, 2012


It was so good to spend time with my furry ones today. Getting them here took a long time though. Our first goal was to have the barn ready for them before we actually moved into the house. Then Glenn changed his mind (without telling me) and decided we needed to paint and put down flooring inside the house before we worked on the cat area. I'm very grateful he installed wood flooring in the kitchen, guest room, hallways, and bathrooms, but that set us back quite a bit when it came to relocating the cats and made it necessary for me to make twice-daily trips to the former residence to care for them. We kept setting dates for them to be brought here, but we also kept missing those dates. We began this move in mid-July and by New Year's Day, we finally had a few cats here. During this journey we encountered many obstacles, but I don't need to list them. I'm simply happy to have a warm safe place for the cats and to be able to have my whole family come and visit again. My new goal is to keep moving forward and not dwell on all the frustrating things we've experienced. I didn't expect this to be an easy move, and it hasn't been, but we love this house and it's definitely our home now. The cats seem to have adjusted quickly to their new home and I'm able to spend much more time with them. Today I remembered to take my camera to the barn but after two photos, my batteries died. What had begun as a rainy day, turned into a snowy, windy one, so I didn't run back into the house for batteries. After playing with and caring for the cats, I went to Dollar General for a few household items. It's closer than the grocery store, and smaller, so I can get in and out quickly. Since I hadn't done any post-Christmas shopping, I browsed the clearance aisle and found a wonderful set of 5 stacked boxes. The largest one had previously been priced at $5, the next size was $3.50, the next, $3, and the two smallest ones were $2 and $1. I was pleasantly surprised when I learned they were included in the store's 70% off sale. I bought all 5 boxes for $4.35 (not including tax). They'll be perfect for my quaint little sewing room. I'll make vintage-looking labels for them and have great storage for buttons, spools, and notions. I also found some cute cat toys marked 70% off, so the furry ones received new catnip mice and jingle balls tonight. They were so sweet and acted like anxious little children while they waited for me to open the packages. Overall it was a good day for the cats and for me.        


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh I am glad your kittys are with you now..are they all there now? love the boxes too..killer deals,:)

Merilyn said...

So nice to see the cats settled in so well, they look very comfortable and I'm sure appreciate seeing you more often!
The purchase of the boxes was certainly a bargain and I'm sure will look great in your sewing room, I hope you will let us all have a peek when you have it set up!!!!

nancy huggins said...

It would have been very hard for me to wait that long but it looks like your kitties are very happy in their forever home. I had a little bed just like yours with the leopard print mattress. My cats never liked it so I gave it to my Daughter and her 1 kitty took it over in less than 5 minutes. They are funny little creatures aren't they. I would enjoy living in your barn too :)

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I know Momma is happier now!
Kitties look comfortable!


Oh Kady--I am so happy to hear some happy sunshine in your 'voice' now--know how hard this move has been but am soooo very happy for you and all those fur balls in your new home==best to you all!!
Hugs.Di and miss gracie