Wednesday, March 28, 2012


It's hard to believe another week has passed since I last posted. I always intend to type something then I'm either too busy or too tired after being too busy. Mom seems to be adjusting to her new surroundings and routines and I've been told she's cooperative and does what is asked of her in physical therapy. She participates in many of the activities offered and rarely misses Bingo nights or Music Appreciation days. Maybe that's the most my sisters and I can hope for right now. I still get a bit frustrated when I find Mom all packed up and ready to leave, so while she's in the diningroom, I unpack her things and then we do it all over again in a day or so. I never say anything to her about packing and she doesn't remember doing it, so I guess it evens out in the end. The staff assures me this is normal for most of their residents struggling with Alzheimer's. I've recently given myself permission to not be there every single day. It's not that I felt I had to be there all the time, I just wanted Mom to have some continuity. I thought if she saw me each day she'd feel more comfortable. I can't say for sure that helped, but I also wanted to observe how she interacted with staff, and they with her. I'm completely confident Mom is being well cared for and her needs are being met. She doesn't actually remember when I've been there and when I've not, so I can establish my own visiting routine. When my sisters visit Mom, they notice positive changes in her. I think that gives them a little bit of peace about this whole situation. We could all use some peace about now. Today I called and received information about Alzheimer's support groups in this area and I'll soon attend my first meeting.

When my sister was in town over the weekend, she and I chose some new furniture for Mom's "apartment". Her old bedroom furniture will probably not fit. The fact it's 2 hours away, would require us to drive there with a truck, dismantle everything, haul it down here, and then put it all back together ... convinced us to find something closer to Lamplight Inn. The furniture store happens to be just around the corner. Here's what we chose, along with a loveseat which folds out into a single bed, and a small media center with drawers, which matches the headboard and nightstand.        

What I most want right now is for Mom to do well in her new residence, for Glenn and me to finally be able to  get our former home ready to sell, and then to simply enjoy our new life in this wonderful old house in the country. I'd like to wake in the morning with a positive attitude and a desire to nuture the cats, work on long-awaited sewing projects, or bake some bread. I don't think that's too much to ask. I guess it's all comes down to balancing one's life. I often fall short of the goals I set for myself so I'm learning to adjust the goals instead of being frustrated that I can't do everything at once. Maybe that's all any of us can do.  


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey there Kady..glad to hear that your mom is adjusting to her surroundings..and hopefully get into a routine where she won't pack her things..I hope you can get some "normalcy" to your life and enjoy that new home.:) I miss seeing you post regularly.;)

Whimsey Creations said...

I find it hard to figure out what has to be done and what can go too Kady - sometimes it seems there is just too much "life" going on all at once. Hugs!

Merilyn said...

Nice to hear from you Kady! Sounds as if things are slowly moving into a 'new order' and as you say you can decide on your own visiting routine! You have chosen some lovely furniture pieces for your Mum, I'm sure she'll get used to her new stuff in her new home, maybe the packing thingy will slowly stop in its frequency as she gets used to her new environment! I hope you can start to get back into your own routine of enjoyable activities soon too, you need to be able to have some 'me' time, I hope that can happen for you this year! Take care! And.... have a Happy Easter holiday!