Monday, March 19, 2012


I always dread using the vacuum cleaner in the cats' room, but not because of the work it involves. It's the high-pitched noise that pierces my ears and  sends the cats running in all directions. Wouldn't you think someone by now could  have invented a less noisy machine? It was cleaning day in the cat barn and I warned all the furry ones the noise was about to begin. When I turned on the vacuum cleaner most of the cats ran lickety split out of the large room and went into hiding in the smaller one. Roxanne (Roxy for short) was the only one who didn't cower or hide. She strutted around the room as if to show the other cats she wasn't afraid. I even petted her while I vacuumed and she seemed totally unaffected by the noise or by the fact I had to sweep around her at times. She calmly ate dinner, drank from the water bowls, and lounged in the floor while I cleaned. When I finished in the larger room I took the noisy vacuum cleaner into the smaller room, and like jittery antelope on a nature show, my "brave" little darlings retreated in herd-like fashion to the larger room where they climbed to ceiling height on the cat condo or hid under benches until the noise stopped. Roxy followed me to the other room and continued watching me work. What a brave little girl - or maybe she just likes the noise?        



No--she just wanted to be near her Mom--hu, Roxie!!!
she loves you enough to discount the noise!!!
Hugs, Di and miss gracie
OH, miss gracie runs and hides when I use the cleaner tooooo!!!!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

sounds like a momma's girl to me!
it is annoying that our household machines have to be so noisy! our dogs hate it, too!

Merilyn said...

Sounds to me like she wanted to be near her Mum to make sure she did a good job LOL!!! Not only are cats expert 'quilt inspectors' but some love being 'domestic supervisors' too!!!!!