Monday, April 16, 2012


Glenn and I worked at the former residence on Saturday and when I came home I still had the cat barn to clean and supper to cook. It was a very busy day. Sunday was less busy so on my way home from church, I meandered through the country searching for a quicker way to get there and back. There's a detour on the route I usually take and I was told it will be in place all summer long. Well, I didn't find a shorter or quicker route, but I did enjoy the scenery along the way. Only in the country could I see a group of horses and riders out for a Sunday stroll. I slowed the car so I wouldn't spook the horses. I rolled down my window and spoke to the riders. They were friendly and waved as I passed. I took a deep breath of fresh country air and gave thanks for my home in the country. I love it out here. It's where I feel I'm supposed to be.   

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