Thursday, June 14, 2012


So much has been happening lately that I've not had ample time to be with my cats. I've done their daily care, of course, but cats need to be loved and nurtured if they are to respond to humans in a positive way and I've been a bit weak in the nurturing category. I'm fortunate the cats don't seem to hold grudges. They're always happy to see me and  eager to be loved - for the most part.
Today I took time to clean the cat barn (well, as much as a cat barn can actually BE cleaned) and was out there with the cats the whole afternoon. I have a few more things I'd like to do out there but the carpet looks much better as do the cat condos that were covered in fur. Casey  jumped onto my shoulder and nuzzled my hair as I cleaned litter boxes and Roxy followed me around and "helped" run the vacuum. She's not one bit afraid of that contraption. I was stunned when Annie, one of three feral kittens I rescued nearly two years ago, approached me as I started to take her picture. That was a first. She allows me to pet her from time to time, as long as I don't move too quickly or attempt to hold her. She has finally begun to trust me a little. I wish I'd been able to catch those little feral critters when they were younger and more easily socialized. I tried numerous times but it wasn't until their mama disappeared (at the hands of a cruel neighbor) that I was able to humanely trap them. I wasn't about to let that neighbor hurt the kittens. I couldn't save their mama or her sister, or the other cats he destroyed, but the three little waifs will be safe here with me for the rest of their days.  It takes a long time for some cats to trust humans if they have never been touched or if they've been abused. Annie, Gracie, and Timmy had simply never known the touch of a human hand, but now they have pretty much stopped hiding under the couch. They still like to get under it from time to time, but they, along with a few others that used to stay under it much of the time, have finally decided it's safe to come out and sit near the windows, watch the birds, or play with toys. When I'm with the cats, I go about my daily tasks while talking to them and I hold and pet the ones who seem accepting. I don't ever try to force them  to comply with my wishes, though I do hope the feral ones will one day trust me enough to allow me to hold them. If that never happens, it's ok. I try to meet them where they are and I accept that some of them may always have trust issues.
The cats enjoyed the extra attention given to them today and seemed happy and content this evening when I tucked them in for the night. I loved being able to spend so much time with them today. Of course, other things had to go by the wayside, but as long as there's a tomorrow, I'll be able to catch up then.     


Merilyn said...

What a lovely way to spend the afternoon! I'm sure the cats did enjoy your visit and time spent! They surely are a gorgeous little community of cats, they all look healthy and happy - have a great weekend!!!!

Kady said...

It truly was an enjoyable afternoon I spent with the cats, even though I was working out there, it was very relaxing to be with my furry ones.