Monday, June 25, 2012


Attending Alzheimer's support group meetings has helped me deal with my mother's situation, but today I could not follow the advice I'd been given. That advice was to not allow my world to revolve around my mother or her disease. Most days, and especially on Mondays, I make a list of things I want and/or need to accomplish. Today's list went like this:
 1)  laundry
 2)  cat care
 3)  choose church music
 4)  wash dishes
 5)  mending for Mom
 6)  find Mom a dentist/appt.
 7)  schedule doctor appt. for Mom
 8)  call director at Lamplight Inn
 9)  call and talk to nurse on Mom's floor
10) pay Mom's bills
11) work on storage items in barn
12) organize fabric in sewing room
13) start new project or finish old one 

Do you see the pattern there? I was able to accomplish the first four items on my list by 10am. I spent the rest of my day working on the next six and never even came close to approaching the remaining items. Ok. I admit it. I may try to do too much in one day. I might set my goals too high sometimes. I work on the "must do's", make sure my Mom's needs are met, and then, if there's any time left (which there rarely is), I think about doing things I really want to do for myself. By the end of the day I don't have the energy to tackle a project or organize anything. I want to learn how to better balance my time and priorites but what do I take off the list? The things that always go are the ones I want to do for me.
I don't want to be appear selfish, nor do I want to ignore my mother's needs. Today I was able to secure a dental appointment for her since she lost part of a tooth over the weekend. The appointment is for tomorrow at 12 noon. I've learned I can't count on her being ready when I arrive at Lamplight and I can't rush her, so I'll need to be in her room by 11:00am at the very latest. It also means I'll miss my 1:00pm Alzheimer's support group meeting. Doesn't it just figure?
After taking Mom to her dental appointment and making sure she has lunch, I'll come home and cuddle with the cats. They're always happy to see me and no matter what kind of day I've had, my mood is always brighter when I spend time with them. They're not very active these days. Each is trying to find a way to stay cool. I guess that entails conserving energy. I was worried about Elliot (in the photo above) over the weekend because he seemed lethargic, but then I began to notice all the cats are less active and are lounging on the cat condos or finding cooler spots on the part of the cement floor that isn't covered with carpeting. Elliot seems fine now. I think he, Rusty, and Baxter are feeling the heat more because they have such long fur. It's time for some fans. 


Whimsey Creations said...

I'm not going to be much help for you as I have the same problem - can't find time to do the things I'd really like to do or by the time I do have the time, I'm too tired from all the other 'stuff'. LOL But on the cats - ours is an outside cat (that blond feral who thinks he's king at our house LOL and he sleeps under a bench on the concrete front porch most of the day because it's just too hot to do anything else. I'd like to spend most of the day in a hammock under a tree snoozing myself if it weren't for the fact that I have to work because I like to eat and because we have mosquitoes the size of blue jays! LOLOLOL

Anonymous said...

That was a long list!! I always put more on my list than I will get done too. Not sure if it keeps me moving, or if it just creates mor guilt.

Can't believe that is Elliot, the little fur ball I fell in love with in your tub. He is a beautiful, fluffy kitty. Our cats bring such joy, we are lucky they chose us.


Kady said...

I hear you Jill...I'd also love to spend the day in a hammock under a shade tree. We will probably never know how that feels. I truly want to learn how to better budget my time so I can still do a few of the things I want to do. I did a little of that today but I had to get up really early in order to work everything into the plan. LOL

Kady said...

Yes April, that big ol' boy really is the Elliot you fell in love with. He's gotten so big and he's still very loving and sweet. He's such a ball of fur though! He has huge paws too. His little mama, Kelly, is still with me too. We tried and tried to find homes for her boys and we did...but three came back. I decided I was meant to keep them. They do bring us joy.

Merilyn said...

Oh! I know about the 'time' thingy, just not enough of it LOL!!! I gave up making lists, never seemed to get past the first item!!! I just do what I can in any given day, as I work full-time I'm always trying to catch up. It takes practice to find more time for yourself! I'm glad to hear your attending a Support group, they provide a bit of a life line and being able to share what is happening for you with others that understand helps with putting things in perspective! Take care!!

Kady said...

Merilyn, I should give up making lists as well. I feel frustrated when I see all the things I wasn't able to accomplish in a given day. I do appreciate the support group. It's been a tremendous help.