Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Today I'm again reminded of how quickly time is passing.  My daughter and grandson are in Columbus for his college orientation at OSU. He was accepted into the honors program and we couldn't be more proud of him. He also received good scores on his AP (Advanced Placement) tests and will be allowed to opt out of some Freshmen courses. He's very happy about that. It doesn't seem all that long ago his mom and I were watching him climb aboard the school bus for the first time. Where did the time go? I'd probably be sitting here waxing melancholy over memories of those times if not for my sweet granddaughter who is staying here while her mom and brother are preparing for his big move. Being with my granddaughter helps keep me grounded. When she's here we always find something with which to amuse ourselves and we always have adventures. We actually had one today when we decided to take advantage of the milder weather and have a picnic on the front porch. It felt like one of those "Mayberry moments". 

Granddaughter pulled the rockers outside to the porch as I prepared sandwiches. Mandy went out with us and seemed happy to take in the cooler air (and a few dog cookies). We took Twigs outside in his carrier so he'd be safe from the dog's curiosity. After lunch, we secured Mandy in another area of the yard (from which she nearly escaped) and let Twigs out to stretch his wings and listen to the other birds. We're trying to teach him to peck at his food and not simply open his mouth and wait for it to be offered on tweezers, He's catching on slowly, but surely. We heard birds in the huge pine tree in the side yard and thought it would be a great idea to take him there. It was a shady spot and I was sure some birds would swoop down to investigate the baby. We walked away from him and stood behind the barn to give them a chance to do so, but none ventured toward him. Twigs, however, wandered to an area beneath the low-hung prickly branches of that pine tree and chose to stay close to the trunk. We had quite a time just keeping an eye on him since he blended in with the dirt and tree branches. He was very cute though, hopping and flitting here and there trying out his wings. He was chattering most of the time. Granddaughter bravely attempted to reach him but each time she was close, he flitted to another area. We grew tired of being stuck by the needles and slapped by those pine brances so we thought we'd see if Twigs would come to us if we called to him. It was a long shot, but it worked. To our surprise, there came that little bird, wings flapping, into my outstretched hand. He climbed aboard and sat still as we transported him back to his carrier. We thought Mandy was being so very good in the other fenced area, but it turned out she had scooched herself under part of the fencing and all but her posterior was free. Most dogs would have made a run for freedom, but not Mandy. When she realized we saw what she was doing, she backed into the area from whence she sought escape, whimpering all the while. She wasn't hurt a bit. Her dignity was a might bruised though. This afternoon, Mandy is resting on the cool kitchen floor while Twigs takes a well-deserved nap. Granddaughter and I are tempted to find a comfy napping spot too.            

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