Monday, August 13, 2012


August is "birthday month" in our family. Yesterday was my birthday, today is my grandson's, and tomorrow is Glenn's. Granddaughter's is the 22nd. This is a milestone birthday for our grandson - his 18th. He'll be moving to Columbus this week to begin classes at Ohio State University. He's very excited to be going and right now I think his parents are feeling relieved to have him almost out the door. For them it's been a busy year filled with transitions. Helping an almost-but-not-quite adult child leave home can be a stressful thing. I'm not sure my daughter and son-in-law have actually had time to embrace the emotional aspects of their son's leaving. They've been too busy getting everything ready - first, for prom and graduation, and now for the trip north. I'm sure those emotions will visit them on the day they take their son to his new residence. Being a "feelings" person, I've already begun the walk down memory lane. This morning I was thinking of how quickly the years seem to have passed since I read my grandson stories, rocked him to sleep, and played Legos with him. What I wouldn't give to have a few of those moments back, but time marches on and things change. We change. When I fuss about getting older or grump about the minor aches and pains I experience, I'm reminded of how much of a blessing it truly is to just BE here. I applaude my grandson  for working hard in school and I'm genuinely excited with and for him as he starts the next phase of his life. I don't want to wish my days away or dwell on what used to be. I want to live fully and make the most of this life with which I've been blessed. I'm painfully aware some are denied this priviledge.

May you live each day to the fullest.  

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Merilyn said...

Indeed, it is a privilege to Be here, and yes I do appreciate each day too as it is given. Watching younger members of a family grow and fly off on their own we really do see the passing of time.....what an exciting time for your grandson.......