Tuesday, August 7, 2012


The days and weeks have flown and I've been busy taking my mother to the doctor every week, readying our former residence for our first open house, cat-sitting for my kindred cat friend, Chris, caring for my own furry ones, and trying to work on a bit of sewing in my "spare" time. I dearly love caring for Chris' cats and spending time with my own, but here it is August and I don't know where the time has gone. At least Fall isn't far away. 

I can't wait until the weather is cooler. I'm sure my cats will be happier too. I put fans in the barn for them but when I open the windows for a some ventilation, it does little good. I think my long-haired boys (Elliot, Rusty, and Baxter) are feeling the heat more than the others. It's cooler inside the cat room than it is outdoors though. The heat seems to be affecting Bigger Tigger more than the others. He has a short fuse these days. Tonight when I went into the barn to tuck in the cats, Big Tig was bossing the others around and lashing out at them. He thinks he owns the place, but most of the other cats have learned to just ignore him. Rusty must have decided he'd had enough bossing so he whirled around and smacked Tig on the head. I told Tig he needed to back off and leave the cats alone, but true to form, he was relentless. Well, Rusty and Tig got into a fuss and when I looked up from cleaning litter boxes, they were on their hindquarters trying to throw punches at each other as if in a boxing match. I don't think either of them landed a blow, but one would have thought Big Tig had been mortally wounded as he went screaming across the room with Rusty in hot pursuit. Tig landed in one of the big water bowls I'd just refilled and sent water spewing all over the place. I actually think Tig's screams were a result of finding himself in the the water bowl and wet, rather than a reaction to anything Rusty did to him. The other cats had scattered like fall leaves and left Rusty and Tig to settle their altercation. Rusty was lying on the floor, all puffed up and looking like the victor, while Tig had taken refuge atop the cat playhouse. He was still howling though Rusty had stopped pursuing him. I didn't fuss about the water, afterall, it's in a barn and the floor will dry. I bid the cats a good night and when I left, Tig was still on top of the cat house. So much for being the big boss. There's never a dull moment around here. Tomorrow all will be forgotten and the cats will find other ways to entertain themselves - and me. 



My pets protection said...

Great pics of the cats. I hope your mom gets better. :)

Cat Haven Craft House said...

Enjoyed your "cats-capades"! Prayers for you mom coming your way.

Merilyn said...

They do have their moments don't they LOL!!!! All part of life! I hope your Mum is doing ok! I also hope you do find some time to ply your needle and thread, good luck with your open day!!!!