Saturday, December 8, 2012


By this time last year I had finished decorating inside the house and had strung a few lights outside. All my trees were up and decorated and I had dozens of homemade cookies in the freezer. Plans were being made for a Christmas party to which I'd invited new neighbors and old friends. Most of my Christmas shopping was done and I was basking in the joy of living in this new old house and anticipating a warm and wonderful Christmas with my family.
In contrast, this year finds me with very few decorations displayed, no trees even out of their storage boxes, let alone decorated, no party plans, very little shopping done, no cookies baked, and not a single list made (from which to cross off completed tasks). I can't explain the difference except to say we've been very busy, but hasn't everybody?
Instead of putting up trees today, Glenn has been busy with his own projects and I've been doing mundane chores - laundry, dishes, and cleaning the kitchen. The motivation for decorating just isn't here yet and I'm not sure why. I do love the holiday season and always enjoy unearthing all the treasures from Christmases past, but this year it seems like more work than pleasure. It's often been said "The joy is in the journey", but right now, I'd like to have the joy and skip the journey.

Perhaps one solution would be to pare down decorating and display only things I love. The problem with that is....I really do love most of the decorations I've collected through the years. Sometime today, I'll tackle the Christmas closet and re-acquaint myself with the vintage Shiny Brite ornaments, the handmade gingerbread boys, the tabletop red tree I use in the diningroom, and all the other things which make Christmas decorating special. Who knows? By the time I browse through everything, I may finally be into the spirit of the season. I think I'll put on some Christmas music and get busy.  


Michelle said...

I am right there with you. last year I had my son decorate what he wanted and I put up a real tree..just no desire to trapsed (sp) out and cut one down..I think if I had the help, I'd enjoy it but I have to do it all and I am at the point in my life to do nothing or very minimal. Will see what gets done today as watching Christmas movies right now.

Whimsey Creations said...

Join the club sweetpea! After my work project this year and all the stress with my step-father (who is FINALLY in assisted living), I just didn't have the heart to decorate this year - nor the energy! I put a few things on the mantel and one lantern outside on the front porch and that's doing it for me this year. Didn't even venture into the attic or garage for all the "usual" decorations. Maybe next year. Merry Christmas!


Hi Kady--when I moved into this Senior housing apts 9 years ago--I was so shocked to see that most of the tenants did not really do much in the line of decorating either!!!
Well--I am or was nearly at that point too--the last couple of years I have barely decorated for any of the holidays--though most of my reasoning is that I am too busy quilting, knitting or whatever to take the time--but also--like you--the feelings just aren't there anymore!!!
I think one reason is because the holidays have gotten so 'big' in the stores that we are holidayed out by the time it comes time for us to do our own! we also let 'family' and loved ones problems get to us and you have had a couple rough years with that problem and it can wipe out all ones enthusiasm for anything--!!
I did force myself to do some decorating though this year and now I am glad I did--one thing that did help me was putting on some Christmas music while I was doing it!!!
Please know though that you are not alone--
Hugs, Di and miss gracie

Merilyn said...

Don't be too hard on yourself Kady! As Di has said you have a lot to contend with in recent times. Perhaps a bit of Christmas music might help, even if you just put out a few Christmassy things, I do like the photo of your small table Christmas tree, I like that size, easy and it says Christmass, I don't do a lot most years these days, I put up a few Christmas wall hangings, and even put a small wreath on the front door this year. As long as there are a few subltle reminders of the Season, I'm happy....and I also bring out my Christmas cups and plates which I always use through December and put away on New Years!! Wishing you and your family a safe and happy Christmas holiday!!!!

Barbara said...

Aw Kady...maybe you could put out a few snowmen, a little greenery and let that be it..Nice thing about snowmen is they can stay out for a bit after Christmas. Whatever you do, have a Blessed Christmas!