Wednesday, March 20, 2013


My spouse and I have both been a little under the weather for a few days. I don't know exactly what we were dealing with, but he had it much worse than I. He's finally back to work and I now feel like getting something accomplished. I'd been going through the motions of cooking and doing laundry, but my heart wasn't in either of those tasks. My subconscious mind often suggested that I shouldn't bother doing today what I could put off until tomorrow....or the next day....or the next, but I'm steering my thoughts in a different direction today.
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The clutter in my open pantry has bothered me for awhile now. At first I didn't see it as clutter because I love my vintage coffee pots, tins, old jars, and utensils. But the truth is, I rarely use any of them and they're taking up space. I decided a change was in order. (I think this is the beginning of Spring cleaning.) I rounded up half-gallon Ball jars, sterilized them, and let them thoroughly dry so I could use them as storage for pasta, flour, and other sundries. I plan to display them in the open pantry and hope that will serve a number of purposes: I'll be able to reach them easier and will see at a glance how much I have on hand. Having all those boxes out of the enclosed pantry will allow for more room for canned goods and baking supplies. So on this first official day of Spring, I have "officially" begun some needed reorganization. HAPPY SPRING!



I love your idea and they look so pretty--
happy first day of spring --
hug, Di and miss gracie

Merilyn said...

I love the filled jars, definitely a winner in my book!!! Here we're getting ready for Winter, the nights are cooler now, I actually love that first feel of chill in the air!!!! Time to get the feather doonas and quilts aired to put on the bed!!!!

ampleamityfarms said...

Didn't know you were under the weather, you never said any thing.