Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I posted the following on Facebook a few minutes ago:
ANYONE LIVING IN THE SOUTH END OF COLUMBUS, OHIO - around or near Parsons Ave., please be on the lookout for a solid gray female cat. She recently weaned a litter of three kittens. I fostered the cat family for 11 weeks until I was sure they were ready for adoptive homes. I allowed my head to rule my heart and let this mama cat go to someone who I thought was going to love her and have her spayed. I'd willingly spent quite a bit on food, litter, vet visits, exams, leukemia test, worming, flea treatment, and vaccinations, so against my better judgment, I decided it would be good if the new owner took responsibility for the spaying, plus I had no way to separate Misty from her kittens so that her milk would dry up completely, and spaying can't take place until that happens.
My friends who helped find adoptive homes for Misty and her kittens are also upset about this turn of events and are doing all they can to find Misty. They didn't expect anything like this to happen. None of us did.  
In my heart I knew I should have not let her go until she was spayed but I trusted and shouldn't have. Misty supposedly hissed at the woman, probably because she was frightened and had lost all her babies (to adoption) and was in a new place with people she'd never seen. Heaven forbid the poor cat be given a chance to adapt and get to know the woman, who quickly decided she would not keep the cat, after only hours with her. She obviously didn't read the letter I'd written, explaining it was crucial that Misty be given plenty of time to adjust. So this person called her brother to come get Misty and take her back to my friend. The brother was apparently taking Misty to his car (without first putting her into a carrier, how stupid is that?) and she got away from him and is now missing. So much for trusting people. Imagine how frightened she must be. I would have kept her myself had I any idea this would happen. She will likely get pregnant again and when found, will need to have another leukemia and FIV test since no one will know where she's been or what cats she might have met along the way - and that is if she doesn't become another sad statistic and get hit by a car, starve, be injured by dogs or other predators, or be taken to a kill-shelter.
Way to go prospective cat owner. I loved her, cared for her, and kept her safe for 11 weeks and you succeeded in undoing all of that in one careless moment. I thought I was releasing her to someone who would love and protect her.
My heart is breaking tonight and yes, I know I often become attached to cats and kittens I foster, but I can't help it. It's part of who I am and I don't apologize for that.  Somebody has to look out for the ones who have no voices.


Merilyn said...

Oh! My God!!! Kady, I'm just devestated to hear of this news - how heartbreaking after all this little family has gone through -
If ever you get her back, keep her.....I'll pray you get her back soon.......so sad.........
I'm not the most trusting person, I know there are so many unreliable people out there and animals just don't rate for them.....maybe next time you could give them the option of returning them to you if it doesn't work out....I hope you get her back......

nancy huggins said...

I am so sorry for you and that kitty. Hopefully someone will find her and get in touch with you. I know how heartbroke you are and will keep you and kitty in my prayers. I know you read my blog about the kitty I am helping now and things are looking up and I will update my blog with new news next week.
I am sure this will never happen to you again and you will never be this trusting again

Kady said...

The sad truth is I always DO tell the prospective adoptive family I'll take the cat/kitten back with no problem at all. I'll even come get it - and I stated that in the letter I sent along with Misty and with each of her kittens. My name, phone number, and email address were on there as well as her whole health history and the story of how and where she was found. It's obvious the woman never bothered to look at the letter. How can people be so uncaring?