Sunday, April 3, 2016


One wouldn't know it was April here in Southwest, Ohio. Yesterday was beyond blustery. It was more like a winter day than some of the January days we had this year. The wind howled and blew things off the porch, out of the window boxes, and off the roof. The outdoor cat enclosure was not a safe haven for my furry ones so I scooped them up and insisted they go inside to safety. That was one time they didn't protest. Their play boxes had blown up against the door, making it hard to get inside the enclosure, but I needed to reach them so I found a way. Once inside the cat rooms in the barn, I turned on the heaters and made sure all cats had food, fresh water, and clean litter boxes. They didn't seem especially fearful of the banging going on outside though. In fact, some sat on the bench beneath the window, watching snowflakes fall and debris tumble. When I came back inside the house, I felt grateful for a sturdy home, a warm cozy fireplace, and a safe place for the cats to reside. Today has been much milder - the sun is shining and the wind has been less ferocious. The temperature has not risen much though, so I didn't let the cats go out into their enclosure, but will hope they can enjoy it later this week. 

I've been contemplating holding a Spring yard sale this month, but as usual, I'm hesitant to set a date for it. My hesitancy is not because I fear letting go of some things, but rather that I know how much work will be involved in sorting, pricing, and displaying the items I no longer need or want. There is also the "advertising" of the sale. Many things I've happily collected over the years now seem more of a burden then a joy, so it's time to let them go to someone else who might enjoy them. Last summer when I looked through stored totes, I re-discovered things I hadn't even remembered having, let alone storing. I labeled the totes which held items I could easily let go of, so that will be a help if I ever get the nerve to set a sale date.  

Some of the things I found were old Jello molds, vintage muffin tins, rolling pins, wooden spools and buttons, vintage sewing notions, crafting patterns, and more crafting supplies than I will ever use. I know I once had good intentions of making all sorts of items to sell, but that time has passed and now those supplies are taking up space, while someone might actually be using them and loving them as much as I once did. I will keep some of the old buttons and spools but I have more tins and patterns than I need - or ever really needed.


I'm sure I'll find more things to add to the list of sale items, and when I finally clean out my closets, I'll re-discover those as well. I've also decided to let go of a portion of my Pyrex collection. It was eclectic at best, since I didn't really set out to collect any certain color or style. When I'd happen upon a nice Pyrex bowl, and it was within my price range, I'd buy it then bring it home and display it with the others on my vintage pantry shelves. I'll keep those I use most often but let the others go. I also have some darling cat cookie jars that need new homes. Those have been just for display and I've never used them. As much as I like them, they need to go as well. It seems I've been able to fill up this old house pretty easily, but it's time to start downsizing - for real this time.

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