Saturday, May 21, 2016


My reference is to an old song I often heard back in the 50's. The words actually are "I've laid around and stayed around this old town too long". I don't recall who sang the song, but that aside, what is it that has laid around and stayed around here? Too much STUFF.

I had the bright idea to hold a yard sale this weekend. An opportunity was offered to be part of our "Community Garage Sale Days" so I gladly signed up for it and looked forward to clearing out some things in the barn that had indeed stayed around here too long. They had stayed around our former home too long as well. Despite our vows to not do it, and against our better judgment, we moved all those things here. We essentially ran out of time to finish sorting and purging before we moved, so Spouse loaded up the truck and said we'd just store the totes in the barn until we were able to go through them. Right.....and that was over four years ago. With my daughter's encouragement and help, I looked through some of the totes last summer. Since they are not inside the house, the ones that remained untouched were most often out-of-sight-out-of-mind.

At the time I agreed to be part of the community garage sale event, I had about three weeks to get ready for it. That should have been plenty of time, but I hadn't realized I'd be working around all sorts of other things that popped up on my "agenda" during that time frame. I met with my sister twice, went to lunch with a dear friend, had a couple of appointments to keep, entertained company twice, and then there was the weekend of my nursing reunion, which I didn't want to miss. So it was a very busy three weeks. Still, Spouse and I did work to pull out things we no longer use, and in some cases, didn't even remember having. His stashes consisted of camping equipment, a few tools, books and DVDs, while mine were of the craft supply and vintage kitchen collectables variety. All in all, we had enough items to cover two long tables, two short ones, and fill numerous boxes. We thought we did well in pricing them and having them nicely arranged. So....we set up shop.

Friday brought us just a few customers, but Saturday brought us in, not one. To be sure, it WAS a very rainy and overcast day, so that might have had something to do with it, but mostly I think yard sales in the country simply aren't well attended. We really weren't really concerned about making money, though it would have been nice. We mostly wanted to let go of some things that we had formerly treasured and thought others might now enjoy using. We're not bitter nor upset about having so little business, but once again, I have sworn off holding any kind of yard or barn sale. I regret that I went back on my own word this time. It was a bit frustrating to have prepared for it then had so few people attend. Spouse even put up our craft show canopy and pegged his camping tent so people could see its actual size. Oh well, another lesson learned - I hope. If I ever share about wanting to do another yard sale....someone please smack me!

The positive things that came as a result of this boondoggle were that we will be taking most of these items to a donation center, so we have a little less clutter. I was able to have some quality time in the cabin today, reading my Country Sampler magazine, listening to soothing music, and relaxing. So it wasn't all bad.


Merilyn said...

Sorry to hear that your Yard Sale didn't turn out quite to did revisit some of your 'stuff' won't be staying......I remember hearing many years ago, if you think you have too much clutter, take everything in your house out to the yard, and return only what you really value and need, you'll find there is a lot you just don't care to take back inside and keep I guess this was the exercise....and it worked!! Once those bits of 'stuff' are outside you see them in a different light.....your customer numbers might have been low, but the result is you have less clutter......we have those local country village garage sale days too, but I'm always working, they are usually very well attended by people from town......enjoyed your post!!!

Kady said...

You are right! Low attendance was a bit disappointing, but we did get some clutter cleared from the barn. We're in the process of packing it for donation and should complete that task today. There is more we need to clear and now I'm in the mood to do it since I've finally begun to work on it. I have a few things to donate which bring back memories of childhood, but I will still have those memories. Thanks for being such a faithful reader of my blog!


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