Thursday, December 22, 2016


Every year, this season seems to sneak up on me, no matter how much I try to plan ahead for it. I make lists, check items off one-by-one, but still never seem to accomplish all the things on my lists, done exactly as I want them to be done. The key phrase is, "as I want them to be done". This year I've take some shortcuts and made a few compromises. Although I'd love to accomplish all of the things on my lists, I understand that isn't always reasonable nor  is it necessary in order to experience a joyous Christmas season. In my last post I shared about simplifying Christmas decorating around the house. My desire was to have a little bit of Christmas displayed in every room, but I also wanted a simpler holiday season and inner peace. The compromise was to put up one tree (instead of 5), display a few favorite snowmen, santas, and holiday items, bake some traditional holiday cookies, and make two batches of fudge - Chocolate Rocky Road and Peanut Butter. During the Christmas season, I always intend to  try some new recipes, some of which I've found on Pinterest ( but the reality is, when time is in short supply, I often return to the old favorites. While it's not as much of a baking adventure to use the tried-and-true recipes, it does seem to be a bit easier. I really should try out some of the newer ones before the next holiday season arrives. My traditional favorites are:  Spritz, Russian Teacakes, and Cut-Out Sugar Cookies. This year I added Reese's Cup Peanut Butter Cookies, Chocolate Crinkles, and Saltine Toffee. Those recipes can be found on Pinterest, in my "Christmas Kitchen" board.
Today I'm checking my lists and realizing I actually do have most things done. During this season, besides setting aside time to put up the tree and lights, we needed to make time for two veterinary visits for a cat with an ear infection, an appointment for the dog who needed dental cleaning, and the weekly trips to the doctor for allergy shots. All of those things took up precious time. Then there was gift shopping and wrapping, grocery shopping, meal planning, card sending, and numerous other things that always need to be done, like laundry, house cleaning, and cat care. Most everyone has to juggle time and errands during the holidays, and we are not exceptions. While I may never be able to claim I've done everything well, I'm content that what I've accomplished will be just fine. I think we often spend time worrying about finding just the right gifts, wishing our homes looked like something from a magazine, and striving for that perfect Norman Rockwell Christmas. But those are not the things that matter most. Love, peace, and serenity are what we truly value. If we can achieve those, we will have succeeded.



Merilyn said...

I agree with what you say about simplifying Christmas, it's so easy to get caught up in the rush and expanse of it all.....keeping it simple is really the best way....for me at least!! My shopping day in town this week was done in 39 Celsuis, everyone looked pretty washed out, yesterday it was only 27 Celsuis, so a much more comfortable day, as usual I leave everything till the last minute, all the gifties are wrapped and others on their way....sigh!!! I will be working through Christmas this year, those of us on duty always make a nice day of it despite having to be at work, I will be having Supper with friends after my shift.....hopefully it won't be too hot......I hope you have a lovely peaceful day, stay safe and enjoy some of the simple pleasures of the Season!!!!

Kady said...

This year I was happy and content to have displayed fewer decorations in my home. My cabin is another story, but I needed to have it ready for my open house. It's still Christmas out there. I often leave things to the last minute as well, but we're not purchasing gifts for as many people now and I can do some shopping online, so that gives more options. I hope your holiday was grand and that your New Year will be filled with peace and love.