Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

Christmas is now a pleasant memory and the weather here in Southwest Ohio has been Spring-like the past two days. The temperature reached the mid 60's yesterday. I suppose we'll have some more cold days and maybe a bit of snow before winter finally subsides, but I'm one of those crazy people who will miss the winter weather. Everybody seems to love Spring, but it's not my favorite time of the year. That might be due, in part, to the fact that Spring seems to be when my allergies flare and I can start out the day in winter duds but then become so hot that I need to change mid-day. Apparently I don't adjust well to Ohio weather changes, especially when they are so erratic.

When I was a child and would express a wish for the school year to be done or for Christmas to come sooner, my mother often admonished me to not wish away my days. She told me that as I grew older, the days would seem to pass more quickly so I should not wish for them to go faster than they were meant to go. I can remember thinking that was silly, but now that I'm much older, I understand why she said those things. The days and weeks DO seem to go by faster now and instead of wishing my days away, I'm wishing time would slow down and allow me to at least catch up a bit. What's that adage - "So much to do, but so little time in which to do it"? That's how I feel these days. My January to-do list did not get done and here we are half-way through February already.   

So here comes another Valentine's Day. I've seen Valentine's hearts in the stores since just before Christmas. For me, that's too soon and seems to be rushing the season. Once again, I did not sew the fabric hearts I thought I'd make as decorations for my home. It's as if I finally put Christmas behind me but turned around and Valentine's Day was knocking at the door. I surely don't need more fabric hearts but I thought it would be fun to make some. I'm seeing Spring items in the shops now, but I haven't even gotten ready for Valentine's Day, and after attending a local shop-hop this past week, I now feel I'm behind in getting ready for Spring and Easter. The problem is, I don't know how to get myself in the mood to make things or even unearth my bunnies, eggs, and Spring florals so I can use those things for decorating. I think I have a mindset that it's sometimes too much trouble to get everything out, only to put it all back after a few weeks. I never thought I'd feel that way about seasonal decorating. But there it is. I admit it. 

Oh with all the other seasons and holidays, Spring and Easter will be here before we know it, but for right now, I'll just enjoy looking at some Valentine hearts and I might even decide to make some tomorrow.

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