Saturday, March 2, 2013


Though I'm not sure I was ever IN the groove, I have finally begun working on sewing and decorating projects again. Shortly before the holidays last year, I totally lost enthusiasm for such things. After expressing frustration and receiving many kind comments and much sound advice, I think I've finally been able to put things into perspective. This week I've been busy sewing catnip toys to sell at the local veterinarian's office. She is kind enough to offer them to her clients and the sales allow me credit to help pay my furry friends' bills when the needs arise. She does this to support my cat rescuing efforts. When I arrived at the office with a basketful of catnip toys to sell, my vet and the technicians seemed genuinely pleased and said people had been asking for them. That was a nice affirmation.    
Since the weather here in southwest Ohio is still cold, I took out some fleece fabric I'd purchased before Christmas and made two large coverlets and two nice-size doggie blankets for some special friends. As I expected would happen, when Glenn saw the finished products he asked,"Where's mine?", so I'll shop today for fleece he might enjoy and make  him a coverlet too. It feels good to be back in the groove.



  1. Dear Kady--I have thought of you often during this 'quiet' and frustrating time in your life--and I am sooo glad you are back in the groove of things, welcome, you have been missed.
    Hugs, di and miss gracie

  2. How nice to be sewing again Kady! I hope this sewing bug bites deep so you can enjoy being creative again! With a bit of luck you won't want to stop anytime soon LOL!!! I'm not surprised you Catnip toys are popular, and your doggies blankets too, such nice things to be making. I guess Glenn doesn't want to be left out huh!!!!
    We all have lapses in doing the things we love when times are difficult and we get too distracted to concentrate, but as with most of these things eventually time allows these events to pass and we can return to do things that feed our soul.
    With your oncoming Spring comes renewal!!! Take care......

  3. way to go keep it up...three things a day...just for you.....well maybe just for you and your furry friends....i was happy to read this post today....

  4. And we have been enjoying them whenever it is cold. :) Thank you so much!

  5. You're very welcome, Brien. I still haven't made Glenn's but I will do that soon. He's already cold! LOL