Monday, June 30, 2008

Does the "Secret" Really Work?

I'm sure many of you have read "The Secret" and/or have seen the authors on Oprah's show. I'm intrigued by the possibility that the universe really does give us what we want, and the way the Secret is explained does sound logical, to a degree - it's the law of attraction - but I have not been able to fully embrace this idea.
I say I haven't fully embraced this idea (or perhaps it's that I simply don't completely understand it), yet things happen around me all the time - things that I can't explain - things that I wonder about and would like to think are the laws of attraction at work, but I'm never sure. How do we know if things that occur are coincidences or actually the forces of the universe at work in our lives? Oprah has been known to say that nothing is a coincidence. I'd like to believe that too, but at times I'm confused.
And where does one's religious faith fit in with all the talk about the law of attraction? I don't think anything can take away my faith, though I feel it's been challenged at times. Can religious faith and belief in the teachings of the "Secret" peacefully co-exist? I'll share something that happened to me today, and you can decide whether it was coincidence or the law of attraction.
I had a dental appointment at 10:00 am and arrived on time. I was taken to the procedure room and the dental asistant asked about the blouse I was wearing - it has a turquoise background with an all-over print of colorful butterflies on it. It's one of my favorites. She asked if I was partial to butterflies and I said I was, and related the story behind my fondness for the winged beauties......
My only brother passed away eight years ago at the age of 46 and during his funeral, three of his eldest daughter's school friends stood in front of the congregation and sweetly sang, "Butterfly Kisses", by Bob Carlisle. It was the most moving song I'd ever heard presented at a funeral. In essence, it's the story of man whose daughter has grown up all-to-quickly and he's sharing memories of special times in her life. The story in song could easily have been written with my family in mind. My brother had three young daughters at the time of his passing, which made the song all the more meaningful. It also causes me to think of my dad who used to give all of us kids butterfly kisses. When I hear that song, I often think of all the times Dad and my brother missed with their families.
After my brother's funeral, I heard that song every day for eight days in a row. I wasn't searching for it and I heard it through various media, but each time I heard it, I'd been thinking of my brother. One night I was up very late thinking about him and turned on the TV for diversion. I was stunned to see Bob Carlisle on the screen, just beginning to sing, "Butterfly Kisses".
Every time I heard the song, it was comforting and I wanted to think my brother's spirit was hovering near, sending me a message through music. He loved music, as I do, and I always secretly thought if he ever attempted to contact me from the hereafter, it would be through that medium. I hear that song often at different times of the day or night, but it's always when I've been thinking of my brother and hoping for some reassurance that his spirit is near.
Today, I told that story to the dental assistant (in a shortened version) and she asked some questions about my brother, which caused me to have him on my mind during my visit. When the visit was over, I left the office and went directly to my car, and what should be playing on the radio when I started the car, but "Butterfly Kisses". I listened to the song, cried a bit, as I always do, then offered a prayer of thanks for the comfort that song always brings.
I went on about my day, making some stops for groceries and household supplies. I was talking to my dad's spirit as I was driving. I said if I could hear, "Dance With My Father", by Luther Vandross, my day would be complete. That's the song that I often hear when I want some reassurance that my dad's spirit is around me. It reminds me of the days my sisters and I used to dance with Dad in our livingroom. It also brings back fond memories of Dad escorting me to the nursing school dance. The song holds a very special place in my heart and could also have been written about my own family.
I did the needed shopping and when I left the last store and went to my car and started it, "Dance With My Father" was playing on the radio. I sat in the parking lot until the song ended because tears were rolling down my cheeks and I couldn't see to drive at that moment. Again, I offered a prayer of thanks that I was allowed to hear music that brought such comfort. I drove home with a happy and thankful heart. In fact, I was happy the rest of the day.
So....were these just coincidences?


Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Here is how I have resolved these generosities(from God or the universe) within my own heart. You mentioned that both times you said a prayer of thanks, and perhaps that is all that is needed to bridge the gap.

In the movie Bruce Almighty, there were many prayers asking for things. I mentioned a prayer of thanks to a friend, and she replied she seldom does that. ?

After my mother's death, on a day when I was particularly feeling grief, the radio provided Michael Jackson singing "You are not Alone." It doesn't really matter how such things happen. Simply being thankful along with you that they do.

KernowWitch said...

I don't think so Kady....what are the chances of both those songs being played each time you got back in the car!!!!
Talking of butterflies. The chinese believe that they are the souls of departed love ones. Many years ago my friend's young daughter was murdered by her step-father. When my friend later married in church a butterfly rested on her shoulder as she was saying her vows, she believed that her daughter had come to give her blessing.....Hugs Chrissy xx

Kady said...

Hi Chrissy,

I honestly don't think they could just be coincidences either. I didn't know about the butterflies, but that explains something else that happened to me shortly after my brother died. My two sisters and I took our mother to a butterfly exhibit in her city. We were all still grieving but thought that would perk us up a bit. We had no sooner walked inside the butterfly area, when one huge blue beauty landed on my shoulder and stayed there for almost the whole time we walked around. It was amazing. I was afraid it had landed on me and died, but it was very much alive. Perhaps that was my brother's spirit. I'd never had anything like that happen to me before.
Thank you for sharing that story. It's awesome.

Kady said...

Hi Jo,

I'm glad you shared your thoughts. I think I finally reached that conclusion too - that it really doesn't matter how those things happen, I'm just grateful they do. I will continue to give thanks for those kinds of experiences. I love your story of the song too. If we don't accept and believe in the possibility of our loved ones communication thru song or other media, I think we close ourselves off to miracles. It would be like praying for a miracle and then refusing to believe we'd received one. Thank you for affirming what I've been thinking and feeling.