Saturday, July 19, 2008

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Not really. But things here at the ol' homestead aren't as dire as they were earlier in the week. My water heater is still leaking but a repair person was here today and confirmed that a new one is definitely needed and . . . that it's still under warranty! That's a first for us. Usually an appliance dies just days after the warranty expires. The water heater is soon to be replaced with a brand new one and there are only a few slight hitches. Ahem. First, the installer wants $240 to put in the new tank, $45 to carry away the old one, $50 for a permit (since when do I need a permit to place a water heater in my own home?), and $60 for a pan to put under the tank - it didn't have one before but I'm told it's now a local "law" that I have to place a catch pan under the tank.
So let's see, for my new water heater which, under the warranty, is supposed to cost me nothing, I'll be expected to pay, um, $395 if I allow the store to send someone to install it. What's wrong with this picture? I know . . . it could certainly be worse. Wait - it IS worse. Starting today, and possibly through Monday I have no hot water. My spouse is still out of town and he's the one who usually deals with these things, though I always get stuck waiting for the repair persons. Anyone for a cold shower?
The laundry I thought I'd be able to get done while Spouse was gone is mostly still sitting in baskets waiting for my attention because I've been washing and drying towels to use as sponges around the water heater. I didn't have anywhere specific I needed to go today but just knowing I had to stay here and keep vigil over the sick leaking monster dampened my spirits, not to mention the utility room floor.
I set up my sewing machine late this afternoon and thought I'd get started on some long overdo projects, but alas, I was so sleepy I could hardly concentrate. Missing out on a whole night's sleep will do that to a person. My sewing is also waiting for my attention. Am I having fun yet?
Tonight, I'm one dryer load away from being able to go to bed, and though I've had a hectic few days, I remain thankful - that I was here and not 600 miles away when the water heater decided to give up the ghost - thankful that it was just a little water in the utility room and not a fire - thankful that my animals and I are safe and dry tonight - thankful that the water heater was still under warranty - and thankful that I can retire to a comfortable bed and receive some needed sleep and awake in the morning to a new day. Considering everything, life is still good.

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