Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Water, Water, Everywhere - No More

I recovered from the great water heater incident and we now have a new unit and HOT WATER again. I don't know how our foremothers did without water heaters, but I truly admire them for making do and doing whatever they needed to in order to take care of their families. As for me, I'm spoiled - I admit it. I am addicted to indoor plumbing and hot water and I don't want to ever have to do without them.
Hubby arrived home from his trip yesterday, and even though he was very tired, he immediately went to pick up the new water heater. I had called our son-in-law, who is a plumber, and he was very kind to say he'd be up to help us as soon as he finished installing a water heater for another family member. It must have been sick water heater week or something. I was glad that both my hubby and my son-in-law were here to take over the water heater problem. I can efficiently deal with many things on my own, but a sick, rusty, leaking, un-drained water heater is not one of them.
I'm still washing towels with which I'd soaked up water from the utility room floor, but I don't even mind that too much. I'm very grateful to have hot water again. In thinking about how those few days without hot water impacted my life, I began to think of all the people recently affected by flood water. They're not just a little bit inconvenienced by not having hot water, they are devastated and some are losing their homes and property. There has also been some loss of life. My slight inconvenience cannot begin to compare with the suffering those people have experienced and will continue to experience. Tonight I feel very relieved and abundantly blessed. I will hold the flood victims in my heart and in my prayers.

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