Saturday, September 27, 2008


....especially when most of the townspeople line the main road, show their support, and cheer their hometown teams and band. This was the Homecoming parade and my grandson plays trombone in the marching band. My granddaughter is playing her first year on the soccer team. My spouse, our daughter, and I watched the parade from our choice seats in a cornfield close to the high school. The weather was definitely fall-ish and the breeze was slightly cool, but it was perfect for parade viewing.

We were at the tail end of the parade route since the students were to meet at the high school for a pep rally after the parade ended. What a festive evening for all! We wondered what might happen if the town had an emergency, since it seemed that all the fire trucks and EMT vehicles were IN the parade. We mused that it was the one time they could toot their horns wildly without being in violation of some local ordinance.

Grandson seemed to take the parade in stride, since afterall, he's marched in the band for over a year now and has been in other parades and band competitions. I imagine it's a bit "old hat" to him. Granddaughter was very excited since this was her first time actually being IN a parade. She exclaimed as we headed home, "I just love riding in parades!!!". I hope she'll have many more in which to participate.

These are the things of which special memories are made and I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

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