Thursday, October 30, 2008


I spent a nice afternoon in Germantown, Ohio and wanted to share some pictures I took while I was there. I visited Jailhouse Primitives first. It's a wonderfully prim store and Carole (who frequents the Sisters at Heart forum) makes some great primitive items and sells them there. The shop actually gets its name from the building behind it, which is where Jailhouse Primitives began. Many moons ago, the building had been the official Germantown jailhouse and still has bars on the octagonal window located closest to the ceiling. That quaint building is now a shop full of colorful yarns.

Germantown is such an historic place. One of the sites I like to visit while I'm there is the old 1870 covered bridge. No one is allowed to drive over it now, but walking over it and sitting on the benches provided is not only allowed, but encouraged. A shallow stream runs beneath the old bridge and the atmosphere is very serene.

On the same street as Jailhouse Primitives is the Florentine Hotel. I'm told it's one of the oldest in the state, second only to the Golden Lamb in Lebanon. Hubby and I have dined there and enjoyed its cozy vintage ambiance. Further down the same road is the sweetest little cabin. Over time, I've watched it being re-assembled from a location in German Township and I secretly hoped it would become another primitive shop. I met the owner today and he told me he bought the cabin for his wife, who "....always wanted to own a cabin from German Township". He had it dismantled at its original location and re-assembled on his property. He built a lean-to on the back of it so his wife would have a nice place to relax and entertain grandkids. He was pulling out of his drive as I drove in, but he invited me to come back soon and said he'd give me a tour. I understand his wife's desire to have a cabin of her own. Hers is a "front yard cabin", while mine is in my backyard. The owner gave me permission to take some pictures and post them here.

The Eads barn can be seen from the little cabin. It's painted a beautiful shade of hunter green and belongs to someone for whom I used to sew. I wish I could have taken pictures of her cozy primitive home. It's situated on a very busy state route so I decided to not park on that road in order to take a picture.

I traveled further up the winding road to the Germantown Reserve and Reservoir, drove up on the dam, and took some pictures from there. The colors of the leaves were more vibrant than the pictures show, and I loved being able to see for miles and miles.

While driving through the reserve, I took a picture of one of my favorite homes that was built there a few years ago. I don't know how one goes about having his home built within the confines of the reserve, but it's a very pretty area.

When I was back in my own neighborhood, I decided to drive past a log house that was built at the end of one of the streets up here on Stoney Hill. We've lived here for the better part of 30 years and for all that time, I've wanted to be able to go inside that log house. I keep hoping it will go up for sale or the owners will hold a holiday open house or something so I can take a peek inside. I guess I'll have to continue to wait.

I hope you enjoyed sharing my afternoon in Germantown. It's a very beautiful and historic town only minutes from my own.

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