Monday, October 13, 2008


I'm happy to announce the little rescued kitten, Annie (or Annabel) had a great check-up at the vet's office today and I was so relieved. I'm always a worried mother when it's time for one of my rescued charges to pass the blood tests at the vet's. Annie was good as gold and purred the whole time she was being examined. Her veterinarian, the wonderful Dr. Gardener, had a difficult time hearing Annie's heartbeat because the kitten was purring so loudly.
Dr. Gardener said she thought Annie looked more like an "Annabel" to her, but I'll probably continue to call her Annie. The kitten received her first vaccinations, flea and heartworm prevention medication today, and a clean bill of health. I couldn't have asked for more - well, if the exam and medications had been free, that would surely have been nice. But little Annie is worth it. She was a hit at the vet's office.
Dr. Gardener thinks Annie is between 3 and 4 months old, while I was sure she was younger than that. She's very small for her age, which is possibly a result of her being left on her own when she was so young, the vet said. At any rate, she's doing well and tomorrow I'll begin to socialize her and introduce her to the other cats. That should be fun.
As I was leaving the vet's office, I noticed a little girl holding a big gray cat and I was stopped in my tracks. Her cat, a beautiful 4 year old Russian Blue named George, was the spitting image of my big gray boy, Dustin, who passed away peacefully last November at the advanced age of 17. He and I had a happy life together and today I was reminded of how very much I miss him. Dustin's final resting place is in the backyard beside my cabin. I petted George and fondly remembered the days when Dustin looked so young and handsome. His looks faded a bit as he became an older gentleman cat, but that didn't matter one bit to me. He was the best cat ever and he'll always be in my heart.


KernowWitch said...

Glad Annie passed her MOT Kady. I know it's an expensive job but the rewards of saving an animal and seeing them thrive is worth it....You're a star...Hugs Chrissy x

Kady said...

Thank you for those kind words Chrissy. I don't think of myself as a star, just a person who loves kitties and can't stand to see them mistreated or abandoned - Kady

Debra said...

Your Annie is so beautiful! Gald her checkup went well! She is lucky to have you!

Kady said...

Thank you Debra. She's such a sweetie. We think we might have an adoptive family for her. If we're going to let her be adopted, it had better be soon. I'm smitten!