Sunday, October 12, 2008


I don't know about the weather in other states, but here in Ohio it's not Fall yet. Ok, yes it IS mid-October and yes, some of the leaves have begun to turn colors just a bit, but it's still too hot to be Fall. Isn't Fall weather supposed to feel crisp and cool? I anxiously await cool weather all year, and when the end of September comes - after what I consider to be a much-too-long hot summer - I expect the heat to leave and the cooler temperatures to come, pronto! Perhaps I expect a bit too much? Before you decide I'm just a whiner, consider the fact that it's been in the 80's here lately, and Fall is not supposed to be that warm, is it?
There has never been any doubt that Fall is my favorite time of the year, when it actually comes, that is. I love winter and Christmas and the holidays, but I wouldn't want cold and snow all year long. I would, however be thrilled if Fall lasted as long as summer seems to. I know all the arguments people give FOR hot weather, but I don't care. I don't like hot weather. I never have and I never will. So come on Fall and cool weather. At the rate we're going, it'll be December before we even need to wear jackets!


Cindy B said...

Love your hand sewn pumpkins! in Illinois it is warm...nice for fall clean up though in the yard & we got the house painted too!

Kady said...

Thanks Cindy! So Ohio isn't the only warm state. You're right, the warmer weather does allow for more outdoor work to be done, but I still want it COOLER!.....Kady