Saturday, December 20, 2008


Each year, just before Christmas, I trek to Waynesville, the "antique capital of the midwest", so the welcome sign declares. Walking down the sidewalks of town and browsing through the quaint antique and specialty shops is relaxing and fun. The lights and decorations make for a very festive visit.
I started out later than I'd hoped today, but was pleasantly surprised when I learned most of the shops were going to stay open until 7pm. The shop owners were kind and helpful and people seemed to be in good spirits even though they were walking about in the cold with only a few shopping days left until Christmas.
I was in pursuit of a vintage Bingo game today but didn't find a single one. My mother will be 85 on Christmas Day and she hadn't expressed any specific wishes until I was with her earlier this week. While we were baking cookies, she mentioned she'd love to have a Bingo game so she could entertain the grandkids when they came to visit. I wish I'd known about that sooner. Here I am, thinking I'm ready for Christmas and yet I find myself in pursuit of just one more thing. Why does that seem to happen each year?
Mom never asks for much so I'll try to get that game for her. I met a very sweet shop owner tonight who said she has two older Bingo games at home. She promised to check and see if they have all their playing pieces and if one of the games is intact, she'll sell it to me. If so, I could pick it up tomorrow. That was above and beyond the call of duty as I saw it. What a nice lady.
Mom may receive her Bingo game afterall!

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