Thursday, January 8, 2009



Have you heard of the A-B-C method of managing your attitude? It's simple and effective.
"A" stands for the "Activating Event." Let's say you get stuck in traffic. The traffic jam is the activating event.
"B" stands for your "Belief System." You believe that traffic is only getting worse and you'll have more and more days like this ahead.
"C" stands for the "Consequences of the Event." You become angry. You want to honk your horn. Your stomach is tied in knots and you bang the dashboard with your fist. The problem is...most people jump directly from "A" to "C." They get stuck in traffic and become angry. They think the traffic jam made them upset. They don't realize that they didn't HAVE to get angry. They skipped an important step! Let's try it again:
"A" - you get stuck in traffic.
"B" - you believe that you were given some unexpected and extra time to spend in solitude, to listen to a great tape or to plan your day.
"C" - the consequence is that you feel gratitude for the gift of time. I have a friend who is fond of saying, "A traffic jam has no power to make me angry. It just stops my car". He is aware that between the activating event and the consequence is something that he can control: his beliefs about what is happening.
The next time you have a problem -- at home or at work, big or small -- decide to manage your attitude toward it. Practice the A-B-C method. You probably can't change "A," the activating event. But try changing "B," your beliefs about the problem. When you change your beliefs, you also change "C," the consequences of the situation.
It's as simple as A-B-C. Manage your beliefs, and you'll manage to be a lot happier!

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