Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This day has been long awaited by many. For some, it's the culmination of dreams long ago expressed. For others, this day represents the hope that every person in this great country of ours can indeed achieve his or her highest potential. For all of us, this day brings the realization that change can occur only if each of us is willing to take more responsibility within this framework of democracy we call America.
Today it doesn't matter for whom you voted or whether you chose to not vote. Regardless of personal choices, we will have a new leader in a few short hours and he will be our president, our seeker of freedom and justice for all. He will represent all people in our land and I hope each and every one of us will stand with him in rebuilding the trust and regaining the dignity our country once held in the eyes of the world.
As citizens of America, we cannot honestly blame one administration or one person for the situation we find ourselves in today - financial or otherwise. Each of us holds some responsibililty for the way things in this country have unfolded. Perhaps we didn't speak out against injustice or maybe we were complacent about our own finances. We might have turned away from news about the closing of major work places if it didn't directly affect us. Many of us (myself incuded) didn't write to our congresspersons and voice opinions about what was happening in Washington D.C.
Instead of assessing blame for the country's downfalls, let's begin to think about what we can do to move ahead, as a united nation, to remedy the problems. That will require some belt-tightening on our parts and it will also require that we become more active in our own communities. As our new president has admonished us, we should offer help to those in need and do what we can to ensure that children in our country receive the best educations possible.
Let us strive to sincerely care for, and about, each other - afterall, we're in this together. If you are led to do so, please pray for our new president, his family, and his administration. They will need our support as they approach the daunting task of leading our country.
May God bless and guide our new president and may God continue to bless America.

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