Monday, March 23, 2009


Spouse and I were happy to have participated in our grandson's band fund raising event this weekend. Grandson is a freshman and enjoys jazz band and marching band activities. We are sure his bands sound better each time we hear them. His jazz band gave a 30-minute concert on Saturday night and though jazz has never been our favorite kind of music, Grandson has won us over with his enthusiasm and talent. He performed a trombone solo this weekend and to say we were proud would be an understatement.
The fund raising event included a spaghetti dinner and a gift basket raffle, along with the various school band concerts. It was a nice opportunity for us to have dinner as a family and visit with our kids and grandkids as well as donate to a worthy school cause. Over all, it was a very nice evening and we thoroughly enjoyed the festivities.
I prepared three baskets for the raffle and our granddaughter was hoping to win one of them, but she went home empty handed. She had, however, been awarded a basket two years in a row, so she has known the joy of winning. This year, her brother and dad were the basket winners in the family and were happy campers.

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