Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I suppose I'm too old (let's say mature) to still believe in the Easter Bunny but I used to love pretending for my daughter, her cousins, and eventually for my grandkids. We made some very good memories during Easter egg hunts at my home and at my mom's house. Watching the little ones look for eggs and seeing their faces light up when they found some was pure joy. The prizes inside the eggs were never fancy or expensive, but the kids didn't care. The joy was in the search and discovery. One year I put notes inside some of the eggs. Each note had a number written on it and each number corresponded with a number on a "prize bag". The kids thought that was fun. The truth is, I'd found prizes that were just too big for the eggs.
One particular year, while I was watching my two grandkids, they asked if we could have an egg hunt but the weather was rainy so the hunt was held indoors. I had them keep their eyes closed while I found places to hide the eggs. I wrote out simple clues and Grandson helped his sister decipher them since she wasn't yet able to read. The kids had such a good time, they asked if we could do it all over again - and we did. We were using real boiled eggs they had colored and we cracked most of the shells during the two hunts, but we sure had fun.
These days, there are no little ones around for egg hunts and no one here to sneak jelly beans before Easter dinner. I like fixing Easter baskets for the grandkids but they're getting older and it's more difficult to choose things I think they'll like. I'm very sure my daughter would say it's not necessary to give the kids Easter baskets at all, and I know she's right, but it's the only fun I have at Easter these days so I hope she'll understand my desire to do it.
As I talked with my sister this morning, we planned a brunch at our mom's house for Easter day. The menu will be simple - Egg Casserole, Apricot Salad, Cinnamon Coffee Cake, and Juice. Mom is worried that our other sister's family won't come. She wants to have an egg hunt for our sister's two grandkids, but we don't know if they'll be able to be there. Mom doesn't seem to realize (or maybe she just doesn't remember) that each of us has other family to consider at holiday time, She's often disappointed when people she loves can't be at her house ON the day. She feels if we don't come on the day, it's just not a holiday. We don't feel that way, but Mom is 85 and she's not going to change her way of thinking now.
I'll have to be content to put together two Easter baskets, plus one for Spouse of course, and enjoy the few decorations I have sitting around the house. I don't bother to get many things out these days since we're no longer on the Easter Bunny's list of places to visit.

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