Saturday, May 30, 2009


No, the bees aren't uninteresting.....they're BORING holes in my cabin! The holes are perfectly round and went unnoticed by me until Spouse brought them to my attention the other day. I HAD noticed that I'd been dive-bombed every time I tried to enter the cabin but I didn't know it was Carpenter Bees on the warpath. Maybe the dive-bombing should have been a clue....ya think? I thought I was just close to a bee nest. I didn't swat at the huge bees, I just avoided them and left them be (pun intended). I certainly was close to a bee nest, but I didn't realize the nest was IN the wood of my cabin. I'd assumed the bees had taken up residence inside one of my birdhouses.
Spouse has spent most of the day repairing the damage the bees have done. Some bees not only bored holes but they moved sideways once inside and made long ditches in the wood. Most of the damage is up near the roof, which is why I hadn't noticed it.
So....spouse has been plugging holes and replacing strips of wood today. He was told by a "bug man" that he needed to plug the holes with caulk or some other substance and then remove the scent left by the bees. I didn't know bees left their scent in the wood so they could find their way back to the holes. I guess that does makes sense (this time no pun intended). I don't want to harm the bees, I just prefer they find some other place in which to bore holes. They could use my birdhouses if the so chose, but they want my cabin. They can't have it!


Cindy B said...

try the insect fogger inside the holes to kill them off and maybe they will stay away, mom had bumble bees in her attic and this is how we got rid of them

Kady said...

That would work. Thanks. We didn't realize these bees did so much damage until Spouse started the repair job. What a mess!....Kady

Anonymous said...

WD40 worked for our carpenter bee issue. Spray it in the holes and they'll move away!

Kady said...

No kidding? We have some of that. I'll surely tell Spouse about that remedy. We're open to anything that will help. Thanks!....Kady