Monday, May 18, 2009


This picture of my granddaughter was taken during one of our baking and sewing days. She helped make the apron she was wearing and was very proud of the cake she had baked & decorated. We had so much FUN! You can click on the picture to enlarge it and see the details in the apron. The fabric has yellow bees on it and we found 2 BEE buttons in my button box. We sewed those onto the pockets, then added some yellow rick rack at the hem for a vintage look.
While waiting for my grandson's jazz band concert to begin Friday evening, I had some time to visit with my granddaughter who was sitting next to me. I asked what she had done at school during the week and she said she'd been working on a power point program. I was stunned! She's only 9. I don't even know how to prepare a power point presentation. She said her teacher was going to help with it, but still....that's really something for a third grader to be able to do.
Granddaughter said her presentation was about the moon and she began to describe some of the reseach she'd done and some of the pictures she'd found. She also talked about the craters on the moon and said she was planning to include pictures of those in her program. She sounded so grown up and mature. I know both of my grandchildren are maturing and learning new things every day, and that's truly wonderful, but I still "see" them younger than they actually are. Perhaps I always will. I'm beginning to understand why my mom still sees her offspring and adult grandchildren as "kids".
I told my granddaughter how proud I was of her and that I'd like to hear more about the power point report after it's been presented. She seemed proud of herself for all the work she'd done and that's a good thing. I'm proud of her too.

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