Sunday, July 26, 2009


The kittens are nine days old and their eyes are opening. One has an eye completely open and one completely closed. After a few days they'll be able to see Kelly and their surroundings, but things will be a bit blurry for them at first. They nurse more vigorously now and sleep for longer periods, which gives Kelly some needed breaks. When they're up and about, they're more active.
Kelly seems to get a little overheated when she's with the kittens. We've kept the bathroom warm by keeping the door closed, shutting off the air vent, lining the bathtub well, and keeping a lamp shining over their bed. I also re-warm a heating pillow for them about every two hours. I re-directed the light though. I don't want to hurt their little eyes as they open. I'm not as fearful about their survival as I was last week, so I can now allow myself to enjoy these little furry ones. They'll grow up so fast and some of the best stages are yet to come.
I tried all day to post a video I took of the babies this morning. I thought they were really sweet getting their breakfast, but for some reason, neither Photobucket nor Picassa could upload it. I give up for now. I'll take more pictures of them as they grow. They're so cute I can't hardly stand it.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hi there you have had the week from He**..first these sweet babies and now your mama..your mom sounds sooooo much like my mom its scary..we have been trying to get her to go to an assisted living place where there are folks their age that have their own apts etc..but she refuses..she won't even have someone come in once a week to have her checked etc..she is afraid of losing her independance and I would too...and they are stubborn..just like I would be too...I guess...hopefully the doctors can convince her to do it for a couple of you and your sisters don't have too..hopefully she will see it and let them do it..she sounds like she needs the care right now anyway..and she would be looked after...I hope this is a better week for you..I can't wait to hear more about the babys..I am so glad to hear they are doing well.. you and they have been in my prayers nightly...take care!!!
Gina ;)

KSedlak said...

I think all our prayers are being answered. The babies are doing so well. I love watching the video. I see the light one there has it's eyes open now.
Kelly is so dear and so loving to her babies and to you. What a precious kitty girl.