Friday, July 3, 2009


Webster's dictionary defines a gardener as: 1) a person who likes or is skilled at working in a garden or, 2) a person whose occupation is making and tending gardens.
It's official - I definitely do not fit the description of a gardener in any way, shape, or form. Most people know how to plant things and some really like to feel warm soil in their hands. I'm not one of them. I don't enjoy digging in the dirt unless I'm doing it with my grandkids. I'm not skilled at recognizing or pulling weeds and sometimes I don't remember to water the things I've planted. I'm so inept at gardening that I had to call my good friend, Deanna, (aka Herb Fairy) to ask when and how I should harvest the catnip plant she gave me some months ago. Now, I did manage to keep it alive and it has grown into a respectable looking bush, but that was a shock to me and probably to anyone who knows me.
Granddaughter was here yesterday and wanted to plant some seeds. I had plenty on hand since I'd bought a few packets in May, thinking I might come down with a case of Spring Fever and plant a few things. I'd hoped my granddaughter would want to do some planting, but she's the one who suggested it yesterday, not I. Apparently she has the gardening genes I lack. As we were digging in the dirt, she sighed and said, "Nana, I just love worms", and I began to wonder if we were actually related. I definitely do not love worms. We spent so much time pulling weeds and turning over soil that I didn't think we'd ever get any seeds into the ground. Spouse had pity on us and came out to help. Our cat-chasing dog, Mandy, even got into the act. When she saw Granddaughter digging in the dirt, she came over and dug too.
We don't know if our mini garden will thrive or not, but we had fun planting sunflowers, broccoli, pumpkins, peppers, and gourds. We did not have much fun pulling weeds, but unfortunately, weeding is part of gardening. I'd already put out three cherry tomato plants and they have lots of little green tomatoes on them. Again, I'm shocked the plants not only survived, but are producing! So far, I'm doing fairly well - I can grow catnip and cherry tomatoes.


Holly Hills Primitives said...

Good for you, sounds like you had a fun day! Happy 4th, Dawn

Kady said...

LOL...we did have fun but I'm just don't have the gardening gene. Even when the grandkids were younger, we planted things and most of them flourished, but they didn't realize how inept I really am at this stuff. I still try....

Thanks - Happy 4th to you too!