Wednesday, August 26, 2009


There has been so much going on in our lives lately. Spouse's father's health issues, along with my mother's, have been consuming us. Both family members have been in and out of hospitals and rehabilitation facilities for the past year or so. Each demands to stay in his or her own home, no matter what anyone else thinks. We're just trying to stay on top of things and live in the most normal way possible and I'm not sure we're succeeding.
One saving grace for me is the kittens. I know they'll soon be leaving and though that makes me sad, it also allows me to enjoy every minute I have with them. They are my escape right now, but I find since I moved them to a larger area in the lower level of my home, I don't have as much opportunity to be with them. They're were advantages to having them right here in my bathroom where I'd often tiptoe in at night and just watch them nurse or snuggle with their mama. I'd have the bathroom nightlight on and the picture was always one of serenity.
I had fully intended to offer a kitten naming contest but things around here are so hectic that I don't think I can manage to put that together. I would however, love it if you'd suggest names for the kittens anyway. It's time for us to call them something besides Fluff Tail, Bear, or Popeye. I can't offer any prizes but I can promise that I'll let my spouse choose the names he likes best. He's named 99% of the animals we've rescued and I think he chooses well. I'll list some of the kittens' characteristics to help you choose names for them.

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The Olde Country Cupboard said...

HI,I know what you are going through, my passed away in April. My dad who is 82, had a stroke shortly after that and a couple of silent heart attacks. He was in the hospital for about 6 weeks. He is home now, but his heart is only working at 20%. He wants to be home ,no matter what. I live right down the road, so I have go whenever he calls, It is hard, I wish he would go into a assisted liveing home, but he won't he wants to stop taking his medicine and just die. He is so depressed without my mom. I hate what is going on with him, but don't know what to do. But try to let him stay home as long as he can, and hopefully he will just go peacefully in his sleep, instead of massive heart attack or stroke, His doctor doesn't think he will last the year. So it is in God's hands. take care and just be there when you can.